Today's TV News - In Rhyme! -

Today’s TV News – In Rhyme!


lou-louFirst Fox abandons Dollhouse, then
Lou Dobbs abandons CNN.
Are these connected? Can there be
Some Dollhouse/Dobbs conspiracy?
We’ll have to wait till Dobbsie talks,
But rumour is, he’ll go to Fox.
And Fox produced the Dollhouse show,
Until today. So let me know:
Did Dollhouse actors lose their jobs
To pacify the wrath of Dobbs?
True, I can’t prove it’s true; so what?
Lou Dobbs should prove that it is not.
Produce the evidence, Lou Dobbs,
Or face the wrath of angry mobs!
But if you prove you canceled Hank, you
Will get a big and heartfelt thank you.

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Today’s TV News – In Rhyme!

  1. Lou ? He's opening a hostel/pawn shop in Nogales.

  2. Goodbye CNN, Dobbs was the only reason I watched your channel.

    Nice poem, Jaime.

    • Hello CNN! Dobbs was the only reason I didn't!

  3. jolyon – I've got a mean-spirited old uncle who's always spitting up food on himself ranting about the government and immigrants. You're welcome to come visit him if you ever need a fix.

  4. The one they call "El Gran Rotundo"
    Is surely off to Telemundo.

  5. This should be interesting, if he's really moving to Fox. Glen Beck got significantly crazier when he moved from CNN to Fox, to the point where, imho, he's actually gone beyond parody. It'd be interesting to see if Dobbs' crazy quotient increases subsequent to any move.

  6. I finally stopped watching him. His continual negativity was a real turn off. He became simply a grumpy old man. June

  7. This is a significant chapter in the history of the American media.Until the other day strident liberal bias was the order of the day.Later such bias has become the rallying cry of the right.To reverse this the liberal media is waging a crusade for straight,unbiased news without any commentary.And CNN is casting itself as a model for this kind of unbiased media.Nobody believes this.CNN is toast,more or less.Nobody is going to listen to the rants of Wolfe Blitzer and his sidekick Cafferty.

  8. Dobbs wasn't just opinionated, he was racially biased and prejudiced against anyone who didn't see the world as black and white as he did. It's good that he's gone.

  9. I will miss Lou – I thought he said what many of us were thinking.