Together We'll Face The Day! -

Together We’ll Face The Day!


Supernatural does a lot of gimmick episodes, and last night’s episode was done as a parody of various types of TV shows: Grey’s Anatomy-type soap (complete with the overuse of sappy music), CSI-type procedural, multi-camera sitcom. Easy targets all, but it’s still fun. And the easiest target of all — and the most fun part — was the full-scale sitcom introduction, complete with situation-specific yet generic theme song, one character laughing at the wacky things the other one does, and of course, bicycles. The zoom-in on Sam after he sees the ghost is a nice touch; those ’70s and ’80s filmed shows used the zoom lens a lot.

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Together We’ll Face The Day!

  1. They should have had Castiel as a miserly neighbour. My only other regret is that there is no one they could have used as the 'cute kid' for the intro. Dean spiking the football is classic.

  2. Very nice. I remembered Two and a Half Man