Actually not a classic, but I’ve been a fan since Reagan was president and it’s always good to have him around:

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  1. Not a classic is an understatement, Paul. I am assuming that is supposed to be Bush and he is threatening Iraqi PM/President.

    Bush is irrelevant now unless something catastrophic happens in U.S. Why isn’t this cartoon about Obama, since he is the one over there on the Grand Tour. I think Toles got the memo from american humorists who claim there is nothing funny or mock-able about Obama. He’s just perfect in every way!

  2. Well, it’s funny because as soon as al-Maliki’s statement hit the press he was suddenly backtracking (pretty feebly) and going on about “mistranslation” (uh huh, the translation was done by his own translator!) and misinterpretation. The funniest bit of course being that the initial “corrections” (such as they were) came to the press through CENTCOM!!! Of course the funniest bit (which I expect many, like me, missed on first viewing) is the little figures in the corner with al_Maliki saying “Yes. Are you?”. It’s funny because for a brief moment al-Maliki was pushed back, and then he got right back on message. You’re right jwl that Bush is irrelevant now, but if you look closely, that’s actually the point the cartoon is making.

    ‘Cause shortly after the supposed “corrections” al-Maliki’s spokespeople were right back to the original message, that 2010 would be a good timframe (which is anywhere from 11-24 months after the new President is sworn in, nicely lined up with Obama’s 16 month estimate).

    The reason the cartoon’s not about Obama is that there’s just not much funny about Obama being right. How does one make fun of that?

  3. You also have to be familiar with Toles’s work. He tends to draw Bush as a little boy surrounded by adult versions of Dick Cheney, Carl Rove, etc. He likes to mix up the contexts of Bush’s statements to create absurd situations, such as in this cartoon. Here he’s probably poking fun at the you’re-either-with-us-or-against-us views Bush & his allies exhibited early in the war against terrorism, with a little bit of the current Obama-is-a-Muslim-&-a-terrorist furor.

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