Tomorrow in places that apparently actually exist -

Tomorrow in places that apparently actually exist


The Prime Minister’s itinerary for tomorrow. No really.

Oakville, Ontario

11:30 a.m. – Prime Minister Stephen Harper will participate in a photo opportunity.

Tim Hortons Innovation Centre
226 Wyecroft Road
Oakville, Ontario
L6K 2Y1

*Photo opportunity (cameras and photographers only)

The Globe and Sun suggest the Prime Minister will be skipping Barack Obama’s address to the general assembly to make the trip to Oakville.


Tomorrow in places that apparently actually exist

  1. Titanium nano-sprinkles!

    • Anti-matter donuts!. Carbon free and taste great!

  2. I wonder how they get the cream in the Boston Cream? Our glorious leader should find out.

    • I think our Glorious Leader should find out why Tim's only sold Key Lime donuts for one month. Got me hooked on those delightful donuts and then stopped selling them, the bastards.

      • Parliamentary Inquiry!!!

      • Yeah, seriously, that was cruel. Cruel Timmmie! Bad Timmie!

    • Problem is that the reporters aren't allowed to ask him any questions – camera only – so we'll never know.

  3. Coffee cups that are even harder to roll up the rim! Hooray!

  4. So he blew thousands of dollars on a 1-day jaunt to New York where he did not deliver a speech at the UN, just had dinner with some people, and now he's back for more taxpayer-funded photo-ops before jetting off again to Pittsburgh for more photo-ops.

    Is this guy even trying to be Prime Minister anymore? What's next? Show up in the House in his pyjamas and robe?

  5. WTF does this have to do with climate change? Nada thing.

  6. Innovation Centre? Tims?

    That's just crazy unless Mr. Harper intends to announce money for freeze dried food innovation as part of Canada's Action Plan.

    Over to you Gary Goodyear!

    • It's actually a sneak peek at Harper's vision of Canada's economic future.

      Manufacturing? High tech? Nuclear Science? Screw that, there's work for everybody, serving each other donuts!

  7. Stephen Harper. Just Visiting.

  8. Innovation Centre recommendation 227: Reduced calorie donuts? Make the hole bigger.

    • Given your ice cream cone consuming proclivities as expressed elsewhere within Blog Central today, Dot, you'd best be leaving holes alone…

  9. Shouldn't Harper lie low on photo ops for a few hours, given today's story?

    Missing Harper photos

    Amazing how the PMO feels compelled to lie even about the most trivial things. I guess once the habit is established, it simply gets applied to everything.

  10. My guess, Tim's will be announcing its new headquarters now that its returning its head office to Canada. Lots of gushing about the great investment climate and the reliable financial system. Expect lots of nice words for the guy in charge.

  11. What a small man we've elected as our Prime Minister. Can't be bothered to address the UN, can be bothered to even listen to any of the speeches. Cuts out for a cheap political quickie. Small. Small. Man.

  12. I gotta admit it sounds stable.

    Will somebody PLEASE wake up the press gallery? They're starting to drool.

  13. Ok its worth the jokes…..however, successful Canadian company….more importantly, proof that head offices matter and you can sneer at it but there is real money put into production techniques, research put into food…you may not like its application but isnt that just being a snob.

    Why Paul, I am sure if you asked the nice people at Tim's how much they spend on R and D, how many sciences grads they hired last year they might actually tell you….I thought you cared about this stuff. Or does it have to be particle physics or some other "hard science".

    You would be shocked as to how much technology goes into a company like Tim's…..I wouldnt be so quick to sneer. And Tim's pays taxes, sitting in the UN….well it doesn't

    As for not being in the room when Obama makes his speech….ulm, you don't think he can hear it later…and he just saw the guy.

    I come for the substance and sometimes the snark with the substance, but snark without substance….well its like a tims doughnut, empty calories.

    • "*Photo opportunity (cameras and photographers only)"

      Ya, it's all about serious substance. Sometimes snark is perfectly sane response to cynical vacuity.

    • "*Photo opportunity (cameras and photographers only)"

      Ya, it's all about serious substance. Sometimes snark is a perfectly sane response to cynical vacuity.

    • Actually, let's all save a whole bunch of money and have our politicians telecommute.

      Big luncheon? That's what videoconferencing is for.

      Really though – symbolism has a very important place in politics. Do politicians need to go to the scene of natural disasters when they occur? No. In fact, it's usually a hassle for those in the field. Do we expect them to go? Yes.


      Because it's the way they can show that they care about that issue.

      Same with corporations — if Shaw Cable really cares about a CRTC hearing, they send Jim Shaw to represent them. If they don't, they send Joe Shmoe from Regulatory.

      By not showing up when most other leaders do, our PM is saying to those paying attention that Canada does not see this as a priority.

      • Fair points….but the respect is in the minds of the ithers, the isaster victims, the CRTC etc… ask yourself, does Obama care that the Canadian PM wasnt there in person to hear his speech…..given Paul's quote challenge, I dont think so. If it was important they would have discussed in their private meeting.

        But hey, maybe Haprer can get the cabinet a box of Blueberry Bloom's, particualrly if the blueberries come from the Saguenay.

  14. I agree with Vince. Here we have a Canadian Icon that employs thousands of Canadians shifting head offices back to Canada due to policies brought in by this government. The fact that we were at a tax disadvantage in relation ot the US for so many years was telling in the number of head offices that moved south.