Toronto braces for Snowmageddon 2013, rest of Canada laughs

Aaron Hutchins on the talk about the weather


Toronto panics over snow storm; rest of Canada laughs

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Toronto is bracing for what could be its biggest snowstorm in five years. The city is expecting anywhere between 15 and 25 cm between Thursday night and Friday. Some flights have been cancelled out of both Pearson and Billy Bishop airports, while school boards are waiting until morning to decide on what to do about potentially cancelling buses and closing schools.
Another computer model run is in & still puts a bullseye of heavy snow around Toronto. My forecast is for 30-35cm. Farnell
Ok, I’m gonna call it. Front page. Pictures of city dwellers fighting thru the snow. Whited out streets. Headline: BLINDING NEMO.Ana Matronic
We’ve some crazy snow coming in2 Toronto tonite. I hear it came all the way up from Texas. Houston, we have a problem G. Goral
If "Blinding Nemo" isn’t on the front page of the Toronto Sun on Friday morning I will be so freaking disappointedJulianna Cummins
Across the country, however, many were unimpressed that the snow was creating such havoc for Torontonians.
A reminder to Toronto news media: WE LIVE IN CANADA. WE GET SNOW.Dan O’Toole
Toronto: 30cm of snow forecast; city panics, empties stores. Halifax: 40cm of snow forecast; city groans, makes sandwich.Scott Simpson
The Toronto snow panic has already begun. You’ll be alright down there. *pats Toronto on head*Robyn Bresnahan
Snow in Toronto Morton
Toronto issues extreme weather warning bracing for 15cm of snow overnight. If u listen closely to the wind, u can hear St. John’s snicker.Matt Wells
Like he didnt give a damm ! Biking away in the snow …. haha #toronto #snowfall #storm #weather
.@scott_stinson This is war. A war on snow. Names will be taken.Andrew Coyne
@acoyne @scott_stinson Will Rob Ford be out shoveling folks’ sidewalks @CoreyBooker style?Martin Rayner
Extreme Weather Death is descending on Toronto. I told my Moncton in-laws 25 cm of snow, and they replied "You mean inches, right?"Richard Whittall
Toronto is about to get snow, call out the Army, lolKirk Kennedy
Is Toronto a state of disaster yet? #snow #worstsnowstormsincelastweek #overreactionChris Fell
Call in the military!! Toronto is expecting 25 cm of snow! Everything must shut down while the center of the universe prepares for disaster!Jeff
Your joke about Toronto and snow/the military/other Canadian cities is *super* original. #yawnRachel Middleton
People are freaking out about snow in Toronto – there’s more snow on most Ossington bar urinals than on the ground.John Sharkman
Who remembers last year when the news said the biggest snow storm of all time is coming to Toronto and it ended up being just a regular dayGustavo Fring
Snow Storm hits Toronto #Karachi Siddiqui
And while some are worried that the snow storm could ruin weekend plans, especially those excited for the Lady Gaga concert on the weekend….
This stupid snow better stop asap. My ride to Toronto got cancelled. What if GO buses cancel? I need to see GaGa Saturday!!!!!!!!Shaunna M.
@ladygaga brought the "worst snow storm in 5 years" to Toronto….only you mother monster…only youAleks Stojsavljevich
Not liking that they have pushed the BIG Snow Storm back 12-18 hours. I have to drive to Toronto for #Gaga tomorrow. #CanadianProblemsStephen Robb
…Maple Leafs fans have less to worry about.
Big snowstorm in Toronto and here is our advice #Leafs Maple Leafs

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Toronto braces for Snowmageddon 2013, rest of Canada laughs

  1. Snow on our streets.
    In our City.
    In Canada.

    We did not make this up.

  2. i dont laugh at TO. people who laugh at TO for snowmaggedon dont relize the 401 is not a backstreet,its the hub of the country and the busiest highway in the country.most people who laugh at TO havnt been on the 401 in a snow storm.its a logisticle nightmare(401).good luck TO and i hope there are no an eastern citizen,and i know snow.

    • You’re absolutely right. They should probably call in the army.

    • Does a logisticle nightmare also involve torsion?

  3. Have any of you actually ever lived in TO? Come and hang with us during a snowfall…we pack into bars, cozy up beside a fire, play hockey, make snow men. It’s so disappointing that somewhat educated people can’t see past old media labels. Experience it for yourself…c’mon down…dare ya.

  4. The media is making a big deal about this. Torontonians themselves just shovel out and go about their business. Also, you have a tweet above from Ana Matronic (of the Scissor Sisters) and she lives/is talking about New York, not TO.

  5. Whenever someone makes a mistake it’s overplayed. That’s all people can do. Nothing against Macleans, but c’mon, we only called in the army once. Everyone makes mistakes.

  6. I live in Saskatchewan and find nothing funny about a winter storm anywhere

  7. Mel Lastman called in the army about 13 years ago because we had 4 FEET of snow in two storms 12 days apart. He did this to ensure that anyone who called emergency services would be able to get service, from the army or our local emergency services.
    This was a very wise decision because Mel just wanted to protect people in need.
    I defy any city in Canada to cope with four feet of snow in such a short period of time.
    It seems to me that the whole of Canada is jealous of Toronto for some unknown reason, we have no greivance with the rest of Canada and I have no idea why people think the way they do about Toronto.
    Toronto is the fifth largest city in North America and is an economic powerhouse of this country, yet we are the brunt of everyone’s jokes. How much of Canada’s taxes are generated by the people of Toronto?
    Where do go to see hockey, opera, theatre, shopping, airports, hospitals etc?
    Without Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal the rest of Canada would be unknown.
    Stop picking on Toronto, give us some respect.

    • Preachhh

    • Oh, PHILETOBICOKE, poor you. Toronto is NOT, I repeat, NOT, the centre of Canada. and we are not jealous of you. We are just glad we aren’t living there. Four feet of snow will not fall on TO this weekend. Its all hype compliments of the big TV stations to the south of us, and no, we won’t be paying upwards of $1000 airfare just to go shopping at some overcrowded mall in Toronto, Get a grip, hon. If you didn’t keep insisting you were the centre of the universe, we wouldn’t laugh.

  8. The rest of Canada doesn’t quite get the issue because the rest of Canada doesn’t live in Toronto. The issue, my fellow Canadians, is not with the snow itself. We’re all grown up here. We know how to handle snow. The issue, rather, is with where we PUT the snow…because unlike Halifax or some town in northern Canada that no one can pronounce anyway, we don’t have anywhere to put the snow. THIS is what causes the chaos.