Toronto Star reporter to sue Mayor Rob Ford over comments -

Toronto Star reporter to sue Mayor Rob Ford over comments


Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale is going to sue Toronto Mayor Rob Ford over comments the mayor made during an interview with Conrad Black.

Toronto Star editor Michael Cooke made the announcement of the defamation lawsuit on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

In the interview, which aired Monday on Vision TV, Ford seemed to suggest that Dale—who has been reporting on the mayor’s ongoing problems during the crack video scandal—is a pedophile.

On Tuesday, Ford told reporters he stands by his words.

On Wednesday, Dale wrote a story in the Star refuting Ford’s claims, under the headline “Rob Ford is lying about me, and it’s vile.” Dale wrote that he had consulted a lawyer and was considering his options.

In an article posted on the Star’s website Thursday, Dale writes that he was ready to announce his intentions not to sue on Thursday morning. Then he heard Ford making the same false accusations on a D.C. sports radio station Thursday morning. “I planned to say in my announcement that I would reconsider my decision if the mayor were to repeat his lies in the future,” Dale writes. “I woke up this morning to learn that he is already repeating them.”

Dale writes that if ZoomerMedia, which owns Vision TV, and Ford do not apologize, he will launch further legal action. The video of the interview where Ford originally made his comments was already removed from both the Vision TV website and YouTube earlier in the week.

Dale also writes that he will remain on the city hall beat, with support from the Toronto Star.

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Toronto Star reporter to sue Mayor Rob Ford over comments

  1. Ford did promise lawsuits. Though I doubt he intended to be on the receiving end.

    • It’s about time he got some comeuppance, after all he’s done. See when he bowled over that female councilor? What a sorry, disgusting excuse for a human being…

      • It’s going to be hard, waiting for Ford to take the stand. It’s going to be good for at least a laugh, or two.

    • When someone climbs on your back fence & starts taking pictures, I would assume that is called a PEEPING TOM. Seems to me this is a perversion & against the law.

      • Ruby, when the police investigation consists ONLY of the Peeping Tom’s denials……you can’t expect much.
        The fact remains though, that FORD was acting under the influence (no pun intended) of a phone call from a neighbour who TOLD Ford…that some creepy guy was hanging over his back fence taking pictures.
        Of course….the “reporter” from the Star conveniently had a cell phone with a dud battery.
        I suspect the police never even bothered to interview the guy who called Ford to tell him about it in the first place. don’t want any corroboration against the mayor who wanted to cut the police budget…right?

  2. Mayor should counter sue. Could get interesting fast.

    • for what??

    • It’s already interesting – this is why reporters have been following it for months. It would be stupid and ill-advised of Rob Ford, but due to the fact he’s Rob Ford, he’s already done stupider and more ill-advised things.

      In fact, if you are reading this, Mr. Mayor, apologize quickly and through your lawyer offer a small amount of money, if Mr Dale prefers offer it to the charity of his choice.

    • Mayor better not sue and I predict he will apologize – why do you think he refuses to be interviewed by the police? Because if he were to be in a lawsuit, where he’s forced to be on the stand and tell the truth, imagine what would finally get admitted?

  3. A dying newspaper trying to make “the story” about itself. News about news. Reporters reporting about reporters. It’s what happens when times are actually really good and there’s nothing else to talk about.

  4. Great – Rob Ford should not say things that are against the law. But when the final story is written about Rob Ford, then the Toronto Star and its publisher, columnists and reporters will be a huge part of the story. They have campaigned viciously against Rob Ford since long before he became the Mayor, I opened the paper thinking: What will they write about Rob Ford today? They have showed photographs of Rob Ford going to KFC, and in this case I think it was a neighbor who called either Rob Ford or the police? It seems strange that a paper that dishes out so much dirt over such a long time runs crying to the courts when the dirt comes their way.

  5. The Toronto Star has been after Ford for as long as the CBC has been after the Conservatives under Harper.
    When the media shouldn’t be spending most of their time covering their own organizations when there is REAL news to report.
    Rob Ford saying something dumb……not really news, but it gets a lot of Coverage.
    Provincial Libs under McGinty, then WYNNE wasting billions of dollars…..move along, nothing to see here.