Tory operatives, to the brainstormery!

FESCHUK: Subverting voters won’t be so easy in 2015. Maybe that’s why the PM has been practising hypnosis.

Tory operatives, to the brainstormery!

Getty Images; CP; Reuters; Photo Illustration by Taylor Shute

It’s early days, but the ongoing robocalls scandal has already delivered a bunch of surprises. For instance, it turns out some people still answer their home phones. I’m as shocked as you are.

Anyway, what’s important is that the Conservatives had nothing to do with misleading phone calls meant to lure Liberal and NDP voters from their proper polling stations. NOTHING AT ALL. Conservatives love democracy. They’re always talking about its origins as the coming together of two Greek words: “kratos” meaning “power,” and “demos” meaning “gimme.”

Sure, Stephen Harper prorogued Parliament to avoid an election and, sure, his party admitted lying to constituents in Montreal so they’d think their Liberal MP had quit and, yes, Conservatives confessed to violating election finance rules in the 2006 campaign but, on the other hand, awkward silence.

MPs have been armed with talking points to defuse the scandal. They read:

1. We had absolutely nothing to do with any attempts to suppress voter turnout (wink).

2. Don’t actually wink when you say that first thing.

What matters for the future is that subverting the democratic will of Canadians isn’t going to be so easy next time. Voters will be wary, so Conservative operatives will need to find more advanced ways to keep their opponents from the polls.

To the brainstormery!

1. Robo-collars. Disguised as elegant chokers, these collars deliver a painful electric shock to any member of the electorate who so much as daydreams about voting for an opposition party. They can also be configured between elections to function as an appetite suppressant or a way of making a conversation with Vic Toews seem pleasant by comparison.

2. Mass hypnosis. Many of us have attended performances where full-grown adults have fallen under the control of a cruel master bent on making them look foolish. Some of us have seen much the same thing at Conservative caucus meetings. There’s evidence that Harper has already been practising hypnosis in preparation for the 2015 campaign. Why do you think Rob Anders keeps falling asleep? Keep your eyes on the pocket watch, Canada. You are getting very, very Conservative . . .

3. Sinister weather machines. Turnout is way down for elections. It won’t take much to coax even more people to stay away. For example, hurricane-force winds ought to be enough to make voters hunker down in Liberal-friendly Newfoundland. Same goes for four centimetres of snow in downtown Toronto.

But how to manipulate the weather? Cloud-seeding technology has advanced in recent years. Plus, Kate Bush had that neat storm-making contraption in her Cloudbusting video and it’s probably just sitting in Donald Sutherland’s garage. (Young people: just Google it.) Alternately, scientists at Conservative Labs are rumoured to be developing a proprietary system in which John Baird screams at the sky until it surrenders its moisture.

4. Robocalls are great but you know what’s even more effective? Actual robots. Picture the scene: it’s election day, a loyal Liberal supporter is putting on her coat to head to the polls and, whoa, where did her Roomba get that switchblade? Standoff.

5. Freaky Friday-style body switching. Across the country in too-close-to-call ridings, party volunteers are zapped into the bodies of opposition supporters for just long enough to vote Conservative and maybe get a tattoo of a shirtless Peter MacKay across a shoulder blade.

6. Criss-cross. Remember Strangers on a Train? You do my evil deed, I’ll do yours—and no one will ever suspect a thing. Air Canada would seem to be a good fit here. The airline can pepper voters with misleading calls and, in return, all the Conservatives need to do is put me on hold for two hours.

7. Moats. Sometimes the best modern tactic is the best ancient tactic. Just find an opposition-friendly voting poll—then gather together some earth-moving equipment, a supply of water and a few crocodiles. All of a sudden, casting that ballot for the NDP doesn’t seem so important, does it hippie? The best part is the deniability factor: those could be anyone’s crocodiles.

8. Offer a positive, compelling vision for the country and behave in a decent, civil manner so that you inspire the support of enough Canadians that party operatives don’t feel compelled to resort to dirty tricks. But that sounds like a lot of work.


Tory operatives, to the brainstormery!

  1. i often wondered why no one picks up macleans at the doctors office, must be the hack reporting or the smell from having your arse up the Cons

    • Wait, how would I put my arse UP something?

      • Practice, Practice, Practice!

  2. I am so glad I cancelled my subscription to Macleans

    • I’ll be taking a subscription out….the minority of Canadians who vote conservative can cancel theirs, but mail delivery to trailer parks isn’t very good anyway. 

      • This comment was deleted.

        • I’m an elitist turd???  Damn, I should be rich and voting conservative…actually I have voted conservative many times, just not recently at the fed level.

    • But you’re still reading it online.  hmmm

    • The Western Standard shows the value of Conservative subscriptions.
      I doubt Rogers is worried.

  3. I remember at time when most reporters prided themselves on delivering unbiased facts to people and hated the spin doctors.  Now the spin doctors are the media.

    • Why do I always get the feeling that the first 3 comments for an article are from Conservatuve PR people?

      This is satire, buddy. It’s funny because, sadly, it’s true!

    • The funny thing about pieces in the “opinion” section is just that… it’s an OPINION. Yes, it’s biased. Yes, it’s a bit of a joke. But a similar joke “spinning” blame on a different political party could be made in a different article next week. This has always been the case. There are different forms of journalism and most are accepted whether biased or unbiased. A comical opinion piece shouldn’t be your proof that reporters and the media have changed.

  4. This is actually quite funny. Sad, but funny.  Unfortunately, election fraud is a criminal offence.  Everyone knows it was committed and everyone knows who committed it (even MacLean’s as it turns out, which is refreshing).  Equally unfortunately, is that it probably will not be tried in criminal court.

    • You must be another whining Liberal.

      • Says the Conservative apologist. LOL

        Are you actually denying that people received phoney calls claiming to be from Elections Canada misdirecting them from the polls?

        When one’s only defense is arguing for an evern more convoluted scheme, I’m thinking you’re trying to distract from the obvious.

        And I’ll note that CanApple didn’t reference the CPC at all, but merely claimed the obvious.

        Might want to watch the inadvertent knee-jerking there sweetheart.

  5. People need to relax. It is a ‘tongue in cheek’ article.  It’s funny.  

    • Conservatives only laugh if there’s some moronic play on words like Fiberal, or anything with lib-left in it is always good too.  Pooping puffins, etc etc etc…whiny little brats who are great at dishing it out but can’t stop crying when its their turn to take it.

      • Is there a play on words, moronic or otherwise, in the comment to which you have here replied? No, there is not.

        And who are the “whiny little brats” to whom you refer? Who are those with whom they are alternately taking “it”? What is the “it” they are taking, and in what manner do they alternately take “it”? Is “it” sanitized between alternations?

        If you’re going to piggyback an unrelated comment in order to make your lame, rah-rah-my-team raspberry appear nearer the top of the column, the very least you can do is express your non sequitur coherently.

        PS: free tip: if “et cetera et cetera et cetera dot dot dot” strikes you as a pithy expression of your perspective on an issue, you should read more about that issue.

        • Wow
          The fact you spelled out etc etc etc … is weird

          Secondly the fact you thought comment #2 was not related to the first comment in this thread indicates your comprehension is lacking.

          Thirdly, what is the point of your comment? Maybe GC’s comment wasn’t meant to be funny to Conservatives, hence the lack of a play on words and the reason why you failed to see the humour in it.

          Fourthly if you have to ask who the whiny brats are, I think that should be a hint.

          As for your tip, why is it that those least able to give good advice, always insist on doing so?

          • 1) Conversely, abbreviating “et cetera et cetera et cetera dot dot dot” in lieu of writing something useful is not weird. It’s perfectly normal for people who haven’t something intelligent to say but are compelled to flap the jaw regardless.

            2) There are only 13 words in the comment under which GC chose to insert his reply; which of them constitute the “play on words” that is his subject?

            3) My point (thanks for asking) was to help GC formulate some more useful comment and insert it where it belongs (ahem) rather than highjack somebody else’s comment.

            4) Free Bonus! Safe Driving tip: Keep at least two car lengths between you and the car in front when memorizing their bumper sticker for the purpose of repeating it in an on-line forum as though it were a home-spun profundity.

          • If I were you I’d back away from defending your position, given that Gord is clearly extending the comment he’s responding to in a perfectly logical way.

            Since you seem quite daft here, let me help you out with a bit of simplified paraphrasing:

            Joseph tells the people freaking out to relax because it’s meant to be funny.

            Gord then suggests they’re freaking out because they have no real sense of humour and lays out a sarcastic list of the humour requirements of conservatives.

            How is that not creating a rational thought chain?

        • Rah rah my team?  I don’t have a team, I’m part of the non-partisan crowd.  Make fun of the libs or ndp, and the rightwingers roar with laughter, then its the left wingers with their shorts in a knot. 

          Everyone needs to lighten up, especially you Oscar.  Is unofficial forum monitor included on your resumé?

          I was merely echoing the sentiments of the original poster, a cyber ‘here here’. 

          BTW, ” ”  those things are called quotation marks, not alternations. 

          • “…I don’t have a team, I’m part of the non-partisan crowd…”

            Welcome to the club!

            Sorry, no complimentary mug and t-shirt, but you do get the distinct pleasure of my company.

            Wait, does that help or hurt the case for non-partisanship? LOL

  6. Readers deserve better than this cartoonish article. To what element of the masses do you think you were pandering? I’ll take a snip from the article above and adapt it to reflect my sentiments;
    “Offer a positive, compelling article for the country and behave in a
    decent, civil manner so that you inspire the readership of enough Canadians so that they don’t feel compelled to resort to other, less slanted journals.
    But that sounds like a lot of work.”

    • Don’t read Feschuk much, do you? His is a humour column (yeah, some debate that, but mostly I find him amusing).

      • I get it. It’s satire. But it’s not clever satire. I saw 10 minutes of a tv show the other day that was supposed to be clever social comment. There was absolutely nothing funny or clever in those 10 uncomfortable minutes. Perhaps the well had run dry for Seth Green & Co.
        The well is mighty dry here, too. For something actually funny or clever I’ll read the Borowitz report.
         My point is that if you can’t be clever with satire in a news magazine, then report the news. Leave the satire to ‘The Hammer’. At least you’ll get a few laughs along with the slanted viewpoint.

        • “John Baird screams at the sky until it surrenders it’s moisture” was very funny because it’s a slight exaggeration of reality and therefore it’s clever satire.  Well done, Scott.

  7. Hey Angry Conservatives Who Can’t Take A Joke:

    Mellow out. This is funny. You’d like “funny” better if you understood what comes next, which runs something like this:

    1) Righteous indignation builds as the opposition parties polarize around the issue;
    2) Moderate, still-capable-of-rational-thought Conservatives disgusted with their party’s electoral shenanigans join the opposition;
    3) Expressions like “electoral shenanigans” become impossibly glib in the rising swell of resistance to the Conservative’s unconscionable violation of the trust the country foolishly put in them;
    4) Throngs of concerned citizens from all over the political landscape march on Ottawa to demand heads on pikes and get them.

    If you’re lucky, you might just come to understand the above in the coming weeks. Let’s hope you’re mentally adroit enough to realize your mistake and stand up for democracy before it rolls over you.

    • Oops

      • Crap wrong place again… I hate Disqus.

        • What’s the problem? Not replying to the right comment?

          • Yeah, sorry. Not to proficient on the I ph.

          • Ah, yes I’ve heard that the Disqus mobile version has some bugs. Hopefully they’re get worked out in the future.

  8. Great piece, especially the comment about just behaving in an honest, professional fashion instead of wasting so much time with convoluted strategies.

  9. Canadian democratic process is in peril at the hands of this Conservative regime of coercion and collusion peddlers .There is no justice either legal or lawful found in the House of Commons.

  10. Holy crap, what a horribly written article…

    • amazing critique, you must be very learned.

      • Don’t tell him it was meant to be funny… that would spoil the joke.

  11. your article is not even worth replying to… not funny….just nonsense.

    • And yet you replied to it. FESCHUK WINS AGAIN.

      •  Neatly played, Feschuck. Neatly played indeed.

      • Considering Rogers gets paid for ad impressions, that’s probably more true than most people think.

      • Like shooting fish in a barrel…

  12. Hilarious ! Great article.

    I never liked Harper or the Conservatives, but I voted for them in the last few elections because of the joke oppositions.

    In the past few years, my desire to see them in power has deteriorated greatly despite the opposition parties still being a joke (I don’t know what I’ll do if Bob Rae becomes leader).

    These days it seems like elections are lost, not won, as someone once said. Politicians (of any stripe) don’t seem to understand that no one trusts anything they say. They just end up looking more ridiculous trying to defend the undefendable.

    • me either …but at this point Rae seems more Prime Ministerial than Harper…..

  13. Just another example of how liberal biased Macleans is. There is a reason the doctors don’t have this magazine in Alberta.

    • Is it our hot centrefolds of Vic Toews?

      • Maybe but you ought to consider putting a snarling Baird on every cover, along side a weird shot of JT… that should boost your sales in Hobbema a bit.

  14. lol at Oo0Bailey0oO comment and article (“2. Don’t actually wink when you say that first thing.”)

  15. John Baird screams at the sky and makes it cry. Great image.

    • That one had me in tears. This was good too. Hippies wasa nice touch.

      7. Moats. Sometimes the best modern tactic is the best ancient tactic. Just find an opposition-friendly voting poll—then gather together some earth-moving equipment, a supply of water and a few crocodiles. All of a sudden, casting that ballot for the NDP doesn’t seem so important, does it hippie? The best part is the deniability factor: those could be anyone’s crocodiles.

      • Toronto-Danforth, you may be getting a water feature.

        • Would that be courtesy of the libs or cons?

  16. I understand why some no-fun Cons wouldn’t like this piece. If you had your head that far up the party’s ass you wouldn’t be in a giggling mood either. Nice piece Feschuck.

  17. Cant con supporters take a joke…? well maybe its cause youre embarrassed you actually suppot/voted in his party and all the crap thats coming with it. i dont perticularly like any of the parties and try to stay away from it, but cheating is cheating and lying is lying, they need to beheld accountable. thsi sounds alot like ol bushy and the florida electoral fraud. seems appropriate tho, bush is a thorny ol bush and harper is a shrub groing into a bush!

    • They give us Dean Del Mastro and then get mad if jokes are made.  This is just not fair. 

  18. Macleans is not unbiased journalism, but facts is facts.  Nice article Scott!  The blindness and anger of many Canadians that lead them to trust such clearly flawed people belonging to a party platform based on lining the pockets of its high level members and funders only is just plain scary to many of us.

  19. I just cancelled my MacLeans subscription.
    At one time it was an intelligent magazine
    Now its just a TWITTER RESERVOIR. IQs of shoe size or less.
    No professionalism. Grade 6 class stuff.
    Refuses to publish intelligent letters.
    Here endeth the lesson.

    • In Europe, my shoe size is in the 40s so I guess the joke’s on… oh.

      • You have small, delicate feet for a fella. 

    • You haven’t seen Bruce Carson in your travels, by any chance?

  20. Look at these comments…..not sure what is funnier, this peice or the feigned outrage

    • Definitely the piece; the feigned outrage got old two elections ago. LOL

  21. What a great laugh, the first I’ve had since this story broke! You did forget to mention that getting an ex-police officer to play the role of robot wind-up toy for Harper is possible.
    #9. Include special Conservative sunglasses with every Robocall. You know the ones, they filter all truth, fact and reason. I only want them to block out Del Mastro. I hit the mute button every time he opens his mouth but I can still see his lips moving, busily smearing Canada’s reputation.

  22. I’m really glad to see that Canadian journalism isn’t anything like US journalism and sticks to the facts. You know, like the fact that the conservatives were well ahead in the polls the entire election and obviously had the most to gain through something like this. I think that in the states the journalist would just jump on the easiest bandwagon they could and just join in to the hoopla! Sell those magazines! However, in Canada we believe in due process and we all understand that we have anything but a smoking gun and we realize that conservative voters were also targeted and, for that matter, NDP gained the most ground in this last election. Oh, and their leader was dying, so what did he really have to lose? Ha! Well, maybe that last comment was a bit catty, but I’m not a journalist and I sometimes find it difficult to adhere to the professional standards that they do.

    •  Ewwwwwwwwwww, yuck, shame on you. That comment re nothing to lose is just sad. Without heart.

      Your acknowledgement that you aren’t able to adhere to professional standards gave you away, recognize you now – Conservative eh?

      • I totally agree. I was out of line with that comment. It was sarcastic, but I recognize it was completely unwarranted and really just a poor representation of my morals and character. 

        Oh, Scott, that’s how an apology goes, by the way. Although with the whole blogging mentality that you’ve taken with your article I wouldn’t expect to hear any admission that you may be wrong in the least. 

        Does anyone remember the days when journalists would actually investigate a story? Ahhhh, just a lot of nostalgia I guess. Good thing is that there are no shortage of opinions online, so if we don’t like what we hear then we can always find someone who supports our own opinions. 

        • Appreciate that you apolgized for saying that – I apologize for accusing you of being Conservative. It doesn’t matter what colours we wear- lets face it – this is making us all nuts and Harper is doing his job – polarizing us. Divide and conquer. I have voted for all these parties at one time or another but never have I seen behavior such as this from a governing party. Canadians expect better.
          Darned if I’ll let this government steal my sense of humor along with my right to democratic governance.

          • I totally agree. I mean I really wish that the government would just pull the trigger on an investigation. I think that inaction is taken as an admission of guilt. If you’re really not guilty then do something to prove it. 

            Here’s a scenario. Require that all MPs submit to a polygraph with the sole questions being whether they had any prior knowledge of the scheme. Make the results inadmissable in court, so nobody can go to jail based on the results. However, results should be released to Canadians. 

            300 MPs by, even, $1000 per polygraph (which is probably pretty high prived too) and you’re looking at $300k. So if nobody has anything to hide then everything will be fine, right? If it was a third party who did it and, truthfully, no MP knew about it, then leave it at that. I think Canadians would think of the cost as money well spent though. 

            I think I just one-up’d Scott. I actually made a constructive suggestion. Maclean’s should be calling me with a job opportunity any minute now :) 

          • sorry no good enough.  Apply that polygraph to all the campaign workers and maybe you have something.  it doesn’t matter if the MP’s knew or not, it is the national campaign organizors and the machine behind the local campaigns that have the answers.  It is quite obvious that whoever was responsible for the fraudulant robocalls had access to the Conservative database.

          •  except that sociopaths are able to lie to lie detectors, because of their flat emotional responses.

        • You do realize this is a humor column, right?

          Or do you take the Daily Show (or, keeping it Canadian, the Rick Mercer Report) to be hard-hitting journalism?

          • Sure, it’s fine to have fun, but Gilbert Gotfried still got fired from Aflac for making “light” of a serious situation. Similarly, I just think that it makes light of the democratic process. So, yeah, that’s good material I guess. Lots of conversation on it anyway, so mission accomplished, I guess he’s managing to attract people to Macleans and degrade their reputation all at once. Bravo! 

            I guess it would be nice to have more humor and less political propaganda. Otherwise, if it’s all in fun, then I’ll re-table my initial comments about the NDP, because that’s obviously hilarious now. 

          • Get sense of Humour bud, please.

          • @kcm2 Sorry, will try to be lighter, maybe I’m jealous that my job consists of more than getting off the couch for 5 minutes to write something before getting back to scratching myself. I just didn’t find it to be the knee slapper that others did. I’ll be honest, I am not a fan. 

          • Actaually Rick’s rant is the closest thing we have to hard hitting journalism in theis country.

    • Ahead in the poll the entire election? You funny guy.

      For a large part of the election there was a very distinct chance that the Libs and Dips might have formed a coalition government.

      Or have you forgotten pretty much the entire campaign at this point?

      Harper kind of led with that eh?

      You know, the evil coalition the separatists would have a veto over? You remember that right?

      The human mind is an incredible thing, what with its capacity to rewrite history to suit our opinions and all, but let’s not get silly about it. LOL

  23.  Frankly it doesn’t seem proper to be making fun or belittling our P.M. and our governing party. Pointing out that the party was born from a lie, (yes, I am  talking about you Peter, my fingers were crossed, Mckay) or making reference to the, “…read my lips, no taxes on income trusts…” or “…no need for deficit spending…” is just being petty. It would also be wrong to mention that a high powered member of the caucus lied for months about cheating in a provincial election before finally pleading guilty when the matter was to come before the courts. (Yes, I know, his adulterous affair and complicity in the 2006 ‘IN and OUT’ scandal should trump this.) Finally, Canadians probably don’t want to hear that Mr. Harper tried to deregulate the banks but failed right before the financial crisis of 2008. They also don’t want to hear that crime rates are actually down and that there is actually no evidence that minimum sentences reduce crime rates.

    So, please… let’s focus on the great things Mr. Harper is doing. So far he has managed to keep his party in check on the abortion issue. (Oh, o.k. he does allow his backbenchers to float ideas to reopen the debate in the hopes that one of them will catch on and he can then argue that the people want the debate. And who is he to stifle the debate that Canadian demand?) Also, Mr. Harper has managed to get more people questioning the science behind ‘climate change’ allowing international oil companies greater latitude in how they poison our air in water in search of bigger profits.

    So, once again, please show more respect.

    •  I think Canadians are according the Harper Regime all due respect. ZERO for handling this scandal.

  24. I vote this my favorite article of 2012 so far, very humorous and true!

  25. ” scientists at Conservative Labs ”

    Makes me think of Muppet Labs. Baird as Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Clement as Beaker?

  26. That was funny Scott. I keep saying this Robo scandal was just made for your and your little Robot obsession, if only they could make one looking like Kirstie Alley : )

  27. Haha Patchouli that was funny!

  28. Mostly it’s just funny, but I wonder if this comment thread isn’t a good argument for no anonymity on comment boards? At least it might weed out the paid political operatives who always seem to conveniently turn up.

  29. If nothing else the Robocall scandal has led to the creation of a new word:

    Mastrobation: (noun) working the same point again and again in the hope of getting your party off…

    Every time Dean gets up clutching that yellow piece of paper and starts to speak, it’s just…..

    • What I’m starting to wonder is how many times buddy needs to read the same thing before he commits it to memory! LOL

      Perhaps someone should clue Harper in: If you want your puppets to look real, it helps if the strings aren’t visible! LOL

  30. lol at Oo0Bailey0oO comment and article (“2. Don’t actually wink when you say that first thing.”) and the conservatives are a bunch of fake, opportunistic politicians which is probably why voter turnout is a measly 60 – 65%. And Clement is a weasle

  31. The problem is that Cons just don’t understand “Liberal” humour… like adscam… now that was funny…  I don’t think I’ve met a Con yet that understands how hilarious adscam really was… If Cons can’t see the humour in an old “Liberal” staffer like Feschuck having some fun with “Liberals” continuing the “Liberal” tradition of electoral fraud, and then blaming it on the Conservative Government then there is no hope for these Cons. “Liberal” electoral fraud is funny Cons, just ask “Liberal” operative “Pierre Poutine”… now theres a guy with a sense of humour… “Liberal” humour. Cons gotta learn to lighten up and enjoy accusatory smear campaigns leveled against them by unethical crooks in the “Liberal” party, and their stooges in the media…  they’re super funny and junk… like adscam or “Liberal” electoral fraudster from Guelph, the honourably hilarious Valiorette… Come on Cons… “Liberals” committing electoral fraud and blaming it on the Cons is funny… super duper funny!! Poor Cons… so uncool.  

    • your post makes it abundantly clear why Feschuck has a job as a comedy writer and you are just an internet troll with a fake name.

      • … and you’re reply makes it abundantly clear why you’re thoughts about anything fill me with inertia.

        • Fill you with “inertia”?

          May I suggest you burn your grade school diploma and ask for refund? LOL

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Classic conservative response, ie trying to gloss over one’s own incompetence by pointing out minor typos in others.

            You’re like a walking stereotype aren’t you? LOL

          • Well, I wouldn’t want to challenge you’re Liberal expertise on LOL incompetence… You’re like a LOL half wit aren’t you ? LOL 

  32. Maybe Macleans should be renamed NDP News! All its political stories have the same plot(Conservatives are evil while NDP fills the savior role of Jesus Christ). No matter how ridiculous the idea the NDP policy is laudable because they are the people who “care”. You pass propaganda off as reporting then wonder why people look to Sun News or Charles Adler for both sides of a debate.

  33. So you switch to online to contribute revenue to Macleans – that’s showing them!

  34. People don’t actually still think upper level government had anything to do with Robocalls do they?  I figured after a day or so to critically think about it anyone with average intelligence would realize this isn’t a risk anyone with any kind of governmental power would be willing to take.  I’m dying to know which party they were affiliated with, but when they finally catch the college kids responsible, I hope for gods sake they’re Conservatives.  Otherwise all those Liberal and NDP haters will have to spend time justifying their “guilty until proven innocent” attitudes for ten minutes rather than coming up with more reasons why one man is evil even though he’s simply a representation of the values of more than half of all Canadians.

    • Neither was the”In and Out scheme” or “Adscam”. Crooks always think they can get away with malfeasance — otherwise there would be no need for prisons.

    • As an addendum —  Harper is “… a representation of the values of more than half of all Canadians….” — More of that brilliant Con math on display where 39% > 61%? 

  35. 700 libtards couldn’t find their polling station.
    That seems to be the biggest joke of all.
    Those bus schedules can be so confusing; maybe next time your mom can drive you.

    • “Libtards” is 2011. Come back when you grow up.

  36. interestingly enough, the 31,000 has become what, 700? And there were 1003 complaints from the last election. At the end of the day, I predict this will be a minor issue, that there will be more than a hint of Liberal malfeasance involved in it, and that Feschuk will be shown as the left wing polemecist and hack that he is.
    Just reading the titles of the other articles he’s scribbled – I won’t call it writing – tells me where he’s coming from – the ultra far left.

  37. When is MacLeans going to do the real story of the transparent Harper,  Straussian = fascist, really the conservative name as Canadians know it has been bastardized, as a ruse for neocons.  Don’t let Andrew Coyne write it though apparently he is also a Straussian.