Tough crowd (II) -

Tough crowd (II)


Quite surprisingly, Lawrence Cannon’s speech to the United Nations was not considered the place to be on a Saturday night in New York.

Cannon addressed a two-thirds empty hall three days after the summit’s opening, when U.S. President Barack Obama spoke to a packed chamber. But delegates have long agreed the real benefit of the weeklong summit comes from working the corridors to meet with many decision-makers from other countries in just days.


Tough crowd (II)

  1. So did he end up using the UN as a soapbox for attacking Israel and the West, half-crusader half-clown, one paranoid rant after another?

    • Questions of actual content are out of line here, Jack. We have optics in play. Maybe more smoke and mirror optics than anything, but optics nonetheless.

  2. Gimme a break, Aaron. Surely you are not really trying to compare the drawing power of Lawrence Cannon to that of Obama? That is a bit of a stretch.

  3. The important comparison is who had more butts in the seats; Cannon or Ahmadinejad?

  4. I hear The Maldives staged a walk-out.

  5. I don't see how they can say Obama played to a "packed chamber" when our PM's seat was unoccupied.

    • The Canadian seat WAS occupied during the Obama speech. The majority of seats were occcupied by representatives of their delegations. As is normal, not many heads of government or heads of state attend speeches by other delegations. That's just the way it works.