Tricks and treats


Judging from the moustache—and the fact that the picture was uploaded to Twitter by Olivia Chow—this would seem to be Jack Layton’s Halloween costume.

The Prime Minister went particularly wild and removed his tie for the night. Michael Ignatieff donned a blue sweater, perhaps pretending to be Mr. Harper.


Tricks and treats

  1. Gotta like the caption under the photo of Layton: "Even teenagers scream when approached …"

  2. I'm hoping that the reason MI's jack o lanterns are so basic is that he's been far too busy working on policy development to have time for more elaborate carving…… right?…… pleeeeze…

  3. Cool costume on Jack. I like people who make effort for Halloween, the awesomest day of the year.

    Best kids that came to my door – 4 kids between the ages of 3 and 9 dressed up as Jackson 5 – had afros, Thriller jackets and did a little song/dance- and their father was with them playing the evil dad who put his kids to work at young age.

    • We had an alarming number of Star Wars Storm Troopers. Is there a new movie coming out that I don't know about?

      • I was wondering that myself because we had a few Star Wars characters as well. Don't know about movie, I was just hoping next gen of kids know great movies when they see them. And Storm Troopers are great – I dressed as one for two Halloweens way back when.

        I also agree with your description of various leaders – you need to get into spirit of the day.

        • That was my theory too: the passing of the torch. Encouraging, because I won't have to renovate my stock of movie references. Yes, the Storm Trooper costumes were excellent, probably the best we had except for one guy dressed as a fried egg. I always like the slightly Dada costumes: I was a banana one year and (if memory serves) a book another.

          • I did a few Dada costumes but not on purpose. I was encouraged to make my own costumes when I was very young and one year I went as my cat and another year as bottle of ketchup.

          • Excellent ideas!! I hope they were fully documented.

          • "I hope they were fully documented."

            Of course they were. My father is from parenting school that says the more embarrassing photos of your kid the better. Particularly when you can show them to friends and girlfriends of your child ten years later.

  4. Was Ignatieff dressed up as Guy Smily or as the Evil twin brother of Mr. Rodgers?

    • Your nationalism is showing, Dakota.

  5. I hate Halloween. There's something very sick about bribing kids with candy to dress up in horror-themed / satanic-themed costumes.

    On the other hand, for MPs it seems a little less incongruous.

    • You should love Halloween. If we don't encourage a taste for mixing the playful with the spooky in the younger generation, Christianity is doomed.

  6. Posing with these kids (whose costumes are great), Harper looks so uncool he's almost cool. Ignatieff and the kid seem unsure who is giving candy to whom. Layton is wild. I appreciate that. Between Star Trek and this, my respect for the man has gone way up.

  7. We had twin girls about 5 or 6 years old dressed up like little chipmunks – doesn't seem like much, but you had to see them – cute as hell.

    So, it's another occasion for Iggy attacks, meanwhile Harper dressed down for the night – removed his tie. The kids look confused and bored.

    Layton was kind of fun

  8. Is the bigger kid posing with Harper a black kid in white face? Really?

    We had only two kids come to the door this year! The news was telling parents to "wipe their kids hands" between every house to get rid of H1N1.

  9. So was Jack Layton going as zombie Chretien?

    (I'm guessing I am going to hell for making that comment)

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