Trudeau beats Brazeau


In tonight’s weirdly anticipated charity boxing match, Justin Trudeau defeated Patrick Brazeau by technical knockout in the third round.

Mr. Brazeau came out fast and landed several shots to Mr. Trudeau’s head in the early going, but Mr. Trudeau took over in the second round, out-boxing a seemingly tired Mr. Brazeau. Mr. Brazeau took a standing eight count in the second round and then again in the third round as Mr. Trudeau controlled the fight with a steady jab. The referee stepped in a third time, waving the fight off, with Mr. Trudeau landing a flurry of blows and blood dripping from Mr. Brazeau’s nose.


Trudeau beats Brazeau

  1.  Yaaaaaaay Justin!

  2. Congratulations are in order to Mr. Trudeau for his underdog win. 

  3. Trudeau!  Trudeau!  Trudeau! 

  4. Whoah.

  5. god now do it to!
    ashley macisaac

    • Harper’s next. 
      But he’ll run and hide behind Preston Manning :)

  6. Ezra Levant and The Sun must be hurting now!

    •  Look for “Shakedown pt. II: How an unelected unaccountable kangaroo court of boxing adjudicators robbed all Canadians of their rights by declaring Justin Trudeau over Patrick Brazeau”  Why, the refs even ended the fight early! What more clear example of political bias do you need?

    • This was probably the most watched thing they’ve ever broadcast.

  7. Sometimes the right thing happens.

  8. Judging these books by their covers, most commentators and bookies predicted that Brazeau would clean Trudeau’s clock. Mr. Brazeau’s blackbelt in karate, his more muscular build, and his tough talk were all held up as evidence to back this prediction. However, once I read that Mr. Trudeau has been boxing for the past 20 years (albeit “on and off”), I was far from convinced. It seems that Mr. Brazeau went into this match with the simple strategy of annihilating his opponent early on. Mr. Trudeau, on the other hand, seems to have adopted the strategy of allowing his opponent to tire himself out before counter-attacking. Congratulations to them both for their efforts to raise money for a good cause. If our politicians could only address their “personal is political” differences similarly outside of the House of Commons, then perhaps politics wouldn’t be such a blood sport within it.

  9. No thanks to SunMedia’s classless lowbrow coverage of the event. Loved how Justin handled that slimy Ezra Levant character after the fight. He ended up pummeling two cons for the price of one!

    • For Ezra I think that was not as bad as he could have been.  levant is a man for whom no lie is too prepostorous, no misrepresentation too gross, no stunt too tasteless.  I’m not saying he conducted himself with grace or was even acceptable, but he could stoop lower.

      • He seems to be hearing voices – he thinks  bureaucrats are telling him how much cheesecake he can eat. 

        • And it would appear he is very much in their thrall, as he seems to be obeying them.

  10. I’m curious to see what the Conservatives will say in Parliament.  If Trudeau had lost, we know the Conservatives would have commented on Trudeau’s Conservative jersey and haircut in Parliament in a way meant to humiliate – because, sadly, they are like that.  I’m glad Trudeau won just to spare us from that.

    • Yes, Conservatives are sore losers, and Liberals are gracious, magnanimous winners.

      • To be fair, the Conservatives are pretty sore winners too.  ;-)

  11. I thought Trudeau was going to get splattered but he wasn’t and that shocked me a great deal. Well fought, Trudeau, you’re not as much a fop as you appear. 
    I have to mind my 11 yr old nephew for a few hours this afternoon and I am going to show him video of the match because there are a few good lessons to be learned about not giving up, conquering your fears, and don’t be intimidated even if someone is bigger than you.

  12. Excellent strategy on Trudeau’s part, he let Brazeau punch himself out, add to that a very effective jab and it wasn’t even close.

    “It’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit… and keep moving forward.”
    -Rocky Balboa

  13. I actually felt sorry for Brazeau, and I don’t like the guy at all.  Thanks to both: they raised lots of money to fight the disease that killed my mum and so many others.  That’s a win for everyone.

    Now can we talk about SUN TV, about the morons, Brian Lilley and Ezra Levant?  If anyone had zero class, if anyone was all talk and no action, it was those two.  Of course, I’m a Trudeau fan, so was hoping for him all along, but somebody orta talk to those idiots at SUN TV.  I wanted Brazeau to lose just to stop their sophomoric baiting. 

    • Pat will look good with a haircut. 

    • I’m kinda old. So I remember SCTV. And what John Candy could have
      done with a Brian Lilley model boggles the mind … and maybe Martin
      Short as a manic Ezra…

      • I’m kinda old too, and agree that Martin Short would tear it up as Ezra.

        • Levant is like Eric Cartman come to life. Lilly is… I don’t even know…  a haircut model?

  14. Mr. Brazeau came out fast and landed several shots to Mr. Trudeau’s head
    in the early going, but Mr. Trudeau took over in the second round,
    out-boxing a seemingly tired Mr. Brazeau.

    Very impressive. Sounds like a very Balboa like performance. I didn’t think he had it in him. Congrats to Justin, but also to both for the fundraising effort for a worthy cause.

  15. The most satisfying part of this is watching those Sun ‘news” clowns eat crow – particularly that liver-lipped moron who was broadcasting from Calgary (can’t be bothered to learn his name). Tell me – How does a loud mouth cretin like that manage to secure a place on television? I mean ,say what you want about Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley – at least they possess some intelligence, but that guy is just a pure waste of space. Congratulations to Justin Trudeau – he won it fair and square (and with class). Brazeau got exactly what he deserved after his tasteless bragging leading up to the fight, not to mention his obvious attempts to actually injure Trudeau in what was after all a charity event.You couldn’t buy the kind of political capital that this event has given Trudeau. 

    • Wasn’t that horrible? And that marked the peak of the Sun News Network, it’s all downhill from here. 

      • That’s what I was thinking: here was their opportunity to show all their hated “left-wingers” that they actually have a solid news station.  Instead, they acted like braying asses the one time they had a big, coast to coast audience!  And to make it all the sweeter, their cocky guy loses to “the shiny pony!”  So I guess that’s their best; thanks for showing up, SUN meida (sic).

        • It was somewhat distressing to hear Ezra mock Trudeau for being a drama teacher, and for “his ballet lessons’. Not very well disguised “homo” sentiments there.

          •  Yeah, they’ve implied that for years, for no reason other than he’s a Trudeau, and I’ve often wondered what the gays in their cabinet think about it. Not very impressive.

          • Levant certainly raises some questions about his own sexuality with his weird fawning over Trudeau. He hates him like the high school loser hates the homecoming queen. I lot of confused sexuality and impotant rage mixed up there.   

          • Most of these CPCers are basically straight, overweight gay men.