Tsarnaev brothers didn’t rob a 7-Eleven: spokeswoman


A clarification of detail that has come up as I work on an interactive map of the week in Boston: 

The brothers suspected to have carried out the Boston Marathon bombings earlier this week were caught on camera at a convenience store on the night of April 18—but they didn’t rob a 7-Eleven in Cambridge as has widely been reported, says company spokeswoman Margaret Chabris.

Chabris told Maclean’s that a 7-Eleven location at 750 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge did experience a robbery last night, but the Tsarnaev brothers are not the suspects. She said widely released surveillance photos that feature Dzhokhar Tsarnaev do not resemble the interior of any 7-Eleven location in the area.

“I’ve seen the picture of the guy who did rob a Cambridge 7-Eleven store last night at 10:30, and let me tell you, he looks totally different than the [Tsarnaev brothers],” she said. “Not only that, the picture of the suspect that is on the news websites is taken from a store that is not ours.”

Chabris added that some media outlets insist the Tsarnaev brothers did rob a 7-Eleven—a charge she repeatedly denies.

“Some of them say they got the information from a credible source,” she said. “And I say, yeah, they may be a credible source, but they’re incorrect.”


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Tsarnaev brothers didn’t rob a 7-Eleven: spokeswoman

  1. another lie by the police and news lacky’s about these brothers………

  2. One phone call saying the word “Manhunt” and the bboys programmed alter comes out and does nothing and knows nothing but to run. The Illuminati love that game. They play it with all the trainees to keep them in fear. It’s been said George senior played it with his own son G. Bush jr.. Well with that idiot son, I could see why he might do that, but these boys could have been programmed in less than 5 minutes by the FBI/CIA handlers anytime.

  3. this sh!t true cause i was listening to the police scanner all night that night they aint rob sh!t the cops even said on it they paid cash for gas

  4. So they didn’t rob anyone at all. Interestingly enough the sole surviving has not been charged in connection with the MIT cop murder even though he’s been charged with the bombings. Can we presume that he, and possibly his brother, was not responsible for that crime either?

  5. CNN released a couple of pictures from their footage…it shows a package, clear bag with brown sorta paper inside, they also have the footage of the explosion, the point source is the same. the shootout, could of been a training session by those forces and was a good cover up to say it was those boys…there is no footage showing the SUV running the brother over, but alot around it…why!