Ukraine’s president is addressing Parliament


I just thought I’d put that on the blog in case you’re watching Newsworld, because they’ve decided it doesn’t rate coverage.

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Ukraine’s president is addressing Parliament

  1. Damnit! I read this just in time to catch the standing ovation. Newsworld should be ashamed.

  2. Sounds like we’re in for one of those ‘no one cares about Europe but me’ columns…

    Can’t wait.

  3. Two if you’re really lucky.

  4. While you’re at it, maybe you could list the number of Europeans (and others) who were invited to address Parliament when Paul Martin was PM. (This is not sarcasm, I actually would like to know !!!)

  5. I don’t recall a lot offhand…I remember Clinton, Havel, Mandela, and maybe others when Chretien was PM (remember he had five times as much time to send invites)…anyone? Did a leader address a joint session of parliament while Martin was PM?

  6. The year was 1956 and “His Excellency Dr. Sukarno” was topping the charts of democratic leadership …

    (thanks for the list Stephen)

  7. Fascinating list. The two that stand out for me (so far) were Blair, carefully surveying the geometry of this unfamiliar Commons before he spoke, and Havel, who spoke about a difficult policy question — three years later, it would be called the Responsibility to Protect — in a room that had been expecting platitudes.

  8. Many thanks, Stephen, and I apologize for being too lazy to try the obvious site.

    What I find interesting is the complete lack in recent years of any European interest, with the exception of “Bush’s poodle”. The trolls on CBC last week were bemoaning the fact that “Canada is no longer showing any interest in Europe”, but it seems like Europe gave up on us a long time ago. Either that, or previous Canadian leaders also had no interest in Europe.

  9. What struck me about the list is how limited in geography it is, lot’s of US and Mexico, bare acknowledgement of everyone else. Afghanistan is the first nominally Asian country in two decades. Africa was heard from Mandela when he was at the height of his global stardom and Ghana in ’58 was the last time for that continent. I’m not suggesting that we go looking for a foreign multi cultural parliamentary commencement address each year, but this list seems pretty sparse at first glance.

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