University: First year by the numbers

Crunching the numbers on the typical first-year student



University: First year by the numbers

  1. Sounds reasonable.

    Guys need to pick up their sox though.

    • 67% female… not happening in engineering at U of C

      • No, engineering and math everywhere are the last subjects to get the gender number reversal. It’ll take time.

  2. Wow, males are down to 33% now?!? Brutal.

    This generation of gals better get used to marrying down.

    • Yeah, odd that men wimped out when it came to any real competition.

      I hope they like changing diapers and mopping floors.

      • So being a homemaker and child-rearer is wimpy work? Something to be ashamed of even? I’m a stay at home dad. By choice. Despite an honours science degree from a university. Didn’t realize I was so weak in the face of women.
        Not nice to lament idiotic sexism like ‘Hi Emily” post and then toss these not-so-subtle sexist jabs yourself.

        • No, the fact that when men had real competion in universities and in the work place….they wimped out of both.

          • You’re still doing it.
            Ah, but I guess you like to troll too.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)

            In Internet slang, a
            troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows
            discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by
            posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages
            in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally[3][4]
            or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[5] or of
            otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[6]

            Surely by stating that ‘men’ have wimped out of university and the workplace in the face of competition from women is inflammatory at the very least. Is it not also a deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response as well?

          • This comment was deleted.

      • Be interesting to know the real reasons behind the shift. I’ve read some theories but none that I felt were comprehensive or rang true. Interestingly, “wimped out” weren’t among them. For good reason, I suspect…

        • Well there are other possible reasons I suppose….got lazy, got stupid, want to be ‘kept’, can’t afford it, want to do something seen as ‘more manly’, don’t believe it’ll be needed in the knowledge age….but it’s a cultural problem over all….so I used a general purpose ‘wimped out’.

          • Blah blah blah. Was hoping for an intelligent duscussion but should have known better given the other party.
            (Coming shortly from one of the Men’s Rights crew: “Women have been “kept” since the beginning of time. Now it’s our turn.”)

          • That’s how it goes on here now. It’s like the Jerry Springer show on here.

          • That was your last chance Bram. Ciao.

          • You keep saying that. One of these times you’re gonna mean it :-)

          • I keep hoping you’ll eventually smarten up and ‘discuss’ something rather than playing Miss Manners. You continue to disappoint.

          • Well, you know lazy guys like me are too busy trying to be kept men and playing dumb to attract university-grad wives to engage in serious discussions with a sexist like yourself ;-)

      • I don’t think that men whimped out. A lot of guys that I know decided to go to college and study trades (or just get started in one) as there is a great demand for them and the pay is good. I have a university education and work at a management level, but basically all the guys that I know in the trades (with/without college/univesity education), make more than I do, and they did not have to invest the same amount of money or time that I did.

        However, I do not have any stats to back this up, just my experience. As for your diapers comment, I love my kids, so yes I change their diapers. No good reasons why men and women can’t share this job, and I don’t think anyone should be viewed as inferior because they do it.

    • What century are you living in? We don’t have to marry at all if we don’t want. You don’t seriously expect educated, ambitious, cultured women to just start marrying truck drivers and plumbers do you? If you do, then you’ve seriously under-estimated today’s women. Which makes you either ignorant, sexist, or both.

      • Some men think they’re indispensable, no matter what they say or do.

        21st century is gonna be tough on them.

        • What is surprising is just how willingly they’ve made themselves completely… what’s the word?…. disposable. Harp won’t be in power forever. When sanity returns to Canadian politics there will be a lot of unemployed grease monkeys crying in their cheap beer. I hope they don’t expect any sympathy from the educated classes, they sure won’t be getting any from me. I’ll remember all those times I got gouged and patronized by sleazy blue collar types who took advantage of these very, very temporary circumstances. I’ll be happy to return the favor, and pay them minimum wage to cut my grass. LOL.

          • The knowledge age requires educated people….but folks on here seem to think we are all going back to the resources era…even though only 4% are employed in it now!

            Must be the beer talking….goodness knows none of them seem to do any thinking.

            Worse….they are keen to have their kids and gkids follow them. Turned out there were 4th generation factory workers! None of them even tried to get ahead!

          • Which is precisely why I will have no sympathy for them, or their maladjusted kids. If they want to spawn an entire generation of outdated, uneducated citizens with obsolete skillsets, have at ‘er. Yet these same neanderthals are the ones who show up in these threads all huffy and defensive, and actually attack you when you point out the fact that their uneducated, uncultured spawn will spend their lives mired in poverty and misery. We warned them enough times. We’ll say “told you so” if we feel like it.

          • Heh….methinks you’re trying to get me in trouble here….but I agree with you that they have no idea about the country or the economy and are damaging themselves and their kids badly.

            I don’t know how to get through to them. For people who claim to hate unions they certainly have the union chip-on-the-shoulder attitude.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • You know if I witnessed a conversation between two truck drivers or construction workers as they talked about tires, or bolts, or hockey scores, or whatever really important stuff they talk about, I would keep my nose out of it. Yet here you are, butting into a conversation between two educated, articulate women, talking about things that are just way over your head. Why don’t you go find a thread more suitable to someone of your standing, hmmm? Then you can talk about huntin’ and fishin’, and fixin’ up your “classic” ’72 Dodge Dart, and tell fart jokes and all that really imprtant stuff. This is the adults table.

          • I see Emily has a pseudonym and has started talking to herself. That’s a bad sign…

          • Re-reading this whole putrid thread, I’m inclined to agree with you. Em usually manages to alienate even those who share some of her opinions. It seldom takes her more than a few posts. Yet here we have Emily and Emily Jr. going back and forth in some sort of weird circle-jerk.

          • None of you guys agree with me….in fact you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about. You prefer to be teenagers on the street corner making fun of an adult world you don’t understand.

          • You’ve been talking to yourself, or to a troll who is only pretending to parrot your every opinion in order to draw you out, all night. This isn’t about agreeing or disagreeing, we have legitimate questions about your mental stability.

          • LOL Sorry dude, like I said it’s an adult world you don’t understand..

          • Invisible friends are showing up now regularly…

          • Indeed. This reminds me of the education thread. Notice that as soon as someone points out the suspected troll, they stop posting? And Emily is left to fend for herself? I suspect some funny stuff is going on here. Notice the similar screen names of those who agree with her? Above we have Educated Woman, and below, we’ve got Male University Grad. Not to mention the similar writing styles. She sure does have some well-educated friends doesn’t she?

          • You suspect a lot of things….Cons are paranoid.

          • Why don’t you and your imaginary friends go back to the thread about the 15-year-old genius physicist and dismiss him as “just another aspie with an obsession” again. Because, like, that was just such an adult, thoughtful thing to say.

          • I always know when Cons are in deep trouble politically….they attack me on here …..and with blatant nonsense. LOL

          • Are you denying that you dismissed a 15-year-old genius as “just another aspie with an obsession”? Because I can link to the thread where you did so. In fact, Macleans had the good sense to delete your first comment. Then you came back and left it again.

          • Sorry RR but I’m not into red herrings. Stick to the topic here.

          • The topic is you, and your bizarre, erratic posting habits.

          • LOL no it’s not. It’s first year university students. Stick to that.

            <*(((—< . . . . .

          • Well, since we’re into drawings:

            ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
            ……….”…………. _.·´

            Nite nite Em.

          • Ahhhh couldn’t cope and ran off….just like the rest of the Cons.

            Ciao baby.

          • LOL you have no idea, period.

          • Well, it was the last straw for me. If you have a problem with the writer, take it up with him instead of making a cheap drive by about a 15 year old who isn’t here to defend himself. His is a wonderful story and you chose to crap on it.

          • Last straw of what….’Jan’?

          • Your crap on here. You need to take a break from the internet.

          • Funny that….’Jan’. LOL

          • Definitely faux – people always give themselves away on the internet.

          • Well, you just did.

          • LOL Thank you. A bunch of Con males talking together or agreeing on something is ‘normal’ on here….. whereas any two women agreeing * is automatically ‘librul’, evil and hostile.

            Maybe even a plot, or a trick or anything but two women talking together and agreeing.

            * Healthcare Insider is actually Bram, and Francien Vanderhoeven is Rick Omen/Nemo/Racoon. LOL

          • Really? HI and I are the same person?
            Unlike you, I don’t have alternate personalities with whom I argue on the ‘net. Your behaviour isn’t the norm.

          • You’re claiming EmilyOne is educated and articulate? Adult? You just blew whatever credibility you may have had left. EmilyOne is a troll.

          • Take yer banana, and ook on out of here. In all this time you haven’t learned the meaning of the word ‘troll’.

          • LOL? Are all educated women using that now – I didn’t get the memo.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Oooh the ultimate threat….no man will ever want you! LOL

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • LOL no, you just can’t keep up when you actually have competition

      In fact you couldn’t even reply correctly to my comment on here….I found yours purely by accident.

      Sorry….white males haven’t invented anything new. Long before you guys came along other people….male and female…. were inventing things…..like paper, rudders, oil wells, printing presses, the steam age, an abacus and software……

      Don’t claim credit for things you have no clue how to do.

      • Sexist troll doesn’t need feeding, nothing important to say.

        • Doesn’t even source his sexist remarks

          • No, he has nothing important to say, and he can’t source anything….AND he’s a troll, I agree. But I get bored with this kind of nonsense in the middle of a discussion.

            Thank you though. It’s much appreciated.

          • For sure, more men (and educated ones) should speak out about this kind of sexism. I would argue that now class is a larger barrier to education than gender.
            On a related thread brought up by the troll, II (and my wife) definitely appreciated the women’s studies courses, :). Ha ha, seriously, more benefits to society than economic ones, but patriarch’s die hard, unfortunately…..

          • I’m in shock….someone that’s actually intelligent and educated joining in! I hope you and your wife stick around!

            Definitely a matter of class. Canadians claim it’s non-existent in this country….but it affects them every day. The lower the class…the less the education…and vice versa.

            If we can’t break through THAT barrier, we won’t get anywhere. We need a culture change.

            Yeah, patriarchy and it’s Last Stand in Eden. I’m glad I’m around to see it.

          • ugh liberals….

        • Which one?

  4. 67% of first year university students are women. Naturally, the CONS have been doing everything possible to tip the scales in favour of the manly “trades”. Their strategy is blatantly obvious. Create a backward, low-tech, resource-based economy, one that allows tradesmen (and they are men) to out-earn educated Canadians. They’ve been very systematic in the way they’ve gone about this.Subsidize the tar sands and new pipelines, and remove any existing environmental regulations or other obstacles
    that may be standing in the way of their unbridled expansion. This massively inflates the demand for pipefitters, welders, wrench-turners, backhoe operators, truck drivers and other assorted manual labourers, and artificially drives their compensation through the roof. They are thus able to gouge educated Canadians who occasionally need to hire
    grunt labour to get their car repaired or get a simple plumbing fixture installed. In this primitive eCONomy, money flows from educated women to unskilled men. It’s income redistribution CON –style.

    • Last hurrah of the patriarchy…..led by HarpOil

    • Ah yes, We saw almost this exact same theory trotted out in the education thread last week. Rousseau’s Goat was it? And then as now Em was the ONLY one who took the bait and agreed with that pile of dung. As a troll, yer top notch. Keep it up.

  5. 67% female? This is getting insane, 2 girls for every 1 guy. The discrimination is a real problem.

    • It’s been 30 years in the making. When I first attended U of Winnipeg in 1991, I was shocked at the amount of anti-male “all-men-are-rapists” propaganda circulating the place. Every hallway had huge “NO MEANS NO” posters, and it was all just so in-your-face. The only time they stopped calling men misogynists was when they were calling white males racists.

      It didn’t really get better until the late 1990s or early 2000s when the former University of Winnipeg Students Association president attended the U of M, and faked her own rape in one of the underground tunnels. I am not making this up. They caught her on camera in the tunnel scratching at her own face and tearing her own clothes. That a long-time high-profile member of the U of W man-hate campaign would go to another campus and make such a supreme ass of herself really took the wind out of their sails. I was long graduated by then, but I’m told the climate improved noticeably after that happened. About bloody time.

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