Urban legend no more: CIA confirms Area 51 exists

Will the news turn skeptics into believers?


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Urban legend no more: CIA confirms Area 51 exists

  1. Yes. But if they’re illegal aliens, who haven’t been cleared by the proper immigration authorities, that’s quite a different matter. Although I’m sure the Democrats will immediately try to have them covered by Obamacare, and invite them to have a beer with the President at the Whitehouse, Republicans will play to their base and have Mitch McConnell work hard to try and block their temporary guest worker permits in the Senate.

  2. The Russians used special satellites to make pictures of “secret airplanes ” parked in front of hangars at area 51. When the Americans realized that, they moved the planes inside before the satellites returned again . The crazy Russians photographed the ” heat print” afterwards. Clever chaps those Reds .

  3. Worst kept secret ever!
    I know when i was in Nevada everyone who lived there knew it existed no matter what the government said.
    Russia proved it…. as did Will Smith and friends in Independence Day! :D

  4. Of course Area 51 exists. If it didn’t exist, they’d have to make one. Otherwise people might start wising up and start looking for the actual secret base… Area 52. :)

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