US House to hear “Urgent case for Canadian oil”


The US House of Representatives is having a hearing tomorrow entitled

“Rising Oil Prices and Dependence on Hostile Regimes:
The Urgent Case for Canadian Oil”

Alberta’s Pembina Institute weighs in on the hearing and on Obama’s energy speech here.

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US House to hear “Urgent case for Canadian oil”

  1. Nice to see Obama channeling his inner Palin – drill, baby, drill!

    • And except that oil is fungible, and privately owned….

  2. Wait.. are they starting to call us a hostile regime already?

    I thought we'd have a few more years before they decided to annex us.

  3. Ha, ha, ha – guess the Pembina Institute can close their lobbying office in D.C. and spend some time to "Rethink Alberta".

  4. It took them quite a long time getting rid of their blinders.

  5. So the entire world is hostile except for white anglo-saxon protestants? Does the US have no friends at all?

  6. The way in which they are reacting ,It seems they are losing their friends much faster than Bush regime.

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