Video: A protest for every taste


Outside the Excel Center there is a big gathering of Ron Paul supporters and 9/11 “Truthers” chanting “9/11 was an Inside Job!” A little while ago they were joined by the anti-war Code Pink people who can be heard in this video singing what at first sounds like “God Bless America,” but if you listen closely, is actually “God Help America.” The din in the background is MSNBC broadcasting from an outdoor stage. A few people brought big banners warning people they are going to HELL. I was not entirely sure who they are aimed at: Republicans? Democrats? the nice people of Minnesota? Then I came upon a spirited argument over Obama’s “gay lovers”. And everywhere, everywhere, I go in St. Paul, those darn Peanuts characters keep stalking me.

[wpvideo GGEkQb9m]


Video: A protest for every taste

  1. Why are their elections so much more fun than ours?

    Coincidence that Harper is announcing his after the US conventions are underway for a date before theirs even happens?

    We could get a whole new government and nobody will notice.

  2. Lucy could follow me anytime.

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