Video from Ignatieff’s campaign


When I wasn’t tweeting, blogging, preparing my article for the next issue or arming for battle with Colleague Coyne, I shot some video on Monday and Tuesday from the Ignatieff tour. Here are some highlights. I’ll try to bring you more video as the campaign progresses.

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Video from Ignatieff’s campaign

  1. Thanks for posting this. I haven't had a chance to see/hear much of Ignatieff, compared to Layton and Harper – who I have seen through previous elections – so I'd like to see/hear more of what he says and does.

  2. Ahhh the 'old quotes' gambit again.

    There are a lot of old quotes from Harper hanging around, so remember this works both ways.

  3. After all these years of emptiness, (Martin, Layton, Harper) to think there could still be inspiring political leadership. It made me weep.

  4. Currently undecided … but I think Ignatieff is doing pretty well – particularly answering questions from journalists.
    I'm so tired of the 'other' approach.

  5. Colbert Report: The Canadian Government has Fallen!

    Stephen reports on the fall of Stephen Harper's coalition government, in the first segment of what he promises to be a week-long coverage of the event. That is, unless any other news happens anywhere else in the world this week.

  6. That's nice…now if you were only a little taller PW…:)

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