Romney vs. Obama: Where are we now?

Video: Luiza Ch. Savage on Obama-Romney debate fallout and the latest polls


To be discussed: The fallout of the first presidential debate and recent drop in the unemployment rate with Paul Brandus (@WestWingReport) and Nancy Wilson on CBC TV.

At this point, Obama is still favoured to win, in part because he starts out with more solidly Democratic states in the race for electoral college voters, but the polls have gone back to being tight. The voters who drifted away from Romney in recent rough weeks seem to be coming back to him after his strong debate performance.

On Friday, I spoke to several undecided voters at an Obama rally in the swing state of Virginia. A former Obama voter told me she was having trouble summoning up enthusiasm to commit to him again, whereas a former McCain voter was willing to give Obama a chance but came away unpersuaded by his message.

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Romney vs. Obama: Where are we now?

  1. I think it would be much more interesting if Obama would just take
    some time off .. I dunno,go to the golf course or something … and
    let that Romney guy debate with that other Romney guy. There are
    several, just pick one.

    • Ya, because 100+ rounds in the last 3 years isn’t nearly enough golf for him. And why would he want to be accountable to those stupid voters anyway?