Video: Politics just got sound-byte-ier


The use of technology in this year’s campaign has been amazing. And here is something new — politicaliq.com — a service that combs politicians’ remarks using voice recognition technology to find specific key words. I haven’t had time to play with it, but I ran into one of their promoters outside the Excel center. He said, hurray, you never have to listen to an entire speech by a politician again. Yes! Who needs context anyway? On the other hand, it does sound like a useful research timesaver.

[wpvideo htUvuTwL]

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Video: Politics just got sound-byte-ier

  1. This guy is kinda cute.. had trouble understanding him at first.. but definitely got his message across towards the ends

  2. Pretty cool site!
    Looks like still in semi-test phase, but pretty neat to be able to search and see video’s of the candidates.

  3. Shifty eyes… maybe it’s the camera.

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