Video: Why they love Sarah Palin


Say what you want about the Alaska governor, but Republicans here at the convention love her. I think I’ve had variations of the conversation below with every delegate I’ve chatted with here — complete with references to the enthusiastic voice-mails and emails from back home. The enthusiasm for the McCain ticket has palpably increased among the party activists since she was named.

Also, a lot of people I’ve run into here either grew up in large families or have large families of their own, and they just don’t see why her having 5 young kids is an issue. This delegate from Nevada told me off camera that his mother had 7 kids and a career as a medical doctor.

[wpvideo YMF2d7Gu]


Video: Why they love Sarah Palin

  1. Weird, I didn’t know that Sarah Palin having 5 children was a problem… or an asset.

    Reminds me of Peter Schweizer’s book excerpt: Why liberals prefer raising dogs over children.

    “by taking on jobs as teachers, writers and other people of influence. The idea is to let conservatives raise their children, while liberals influence them through the schools and universities.”

    Oh the madness!

  2. I wonder if the intention of this pick was to really polarise the race. You know all the Republican die hards think she is great, whilst all the rest of us think it is such a crazy choice.

    In a way, it makes me think of all of the Gay Marriage amendments on the ballot in 2004 which really energised the Republican base and got out votes.

  3. Chris B. You could be right. It seems ever since Palin was selected as VP, emotions have been running extremely high on both sides. I’m no expert though, so I have no idea how it will play out.

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