Vince Offer Is Back And You're Going To Love His Nuts! -

Vince Offer Is Back And You’re Going To Love His Nuts!


Billy Mays may have said that Vince “ShamWow!” Offer is a one-hit wonder, but Vince had already proven him wrong with his even longer, more freaked-out and furious commercial for “Slap Chop.” I’m not sure if I want to meet him in person when he’s carrying something that can chop things instantly.

My favourite line: “You have a boring tuna, you’re gonna have a boring life.”

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Vince Offer Is Back And You’re Going To Love His Nuts!

  1. How awful is that I now want one of these? (…he says as the Magic Bullet blender, which also claimed to chop garlic like a son of a gun, sits forlornly in his closet.)

    Also, that whole commercial sounded vaguely inappropriate.

  2. Do I actually want to watch a commercial for a “Slap Chop” that will make me love this guy’s nuts? Ya know, I’m thinking… er… not.

  3. I don’t know, there were definitely a couple moments where I laughed out loud, but he comes across in this one as being just trying a little bit more to be funny/awesome. I prefer the Sham-Wow spot.

    Although that tuna line is stuff of genius.

  4. I like the way the chopped items sparkle once they’re done being slammed by Vince’s ONE finger.

  5. Credit where it’s due. He’s a great salesman.

    Apart from anything else, he made the fact that it can’t chop through onion skin into a selling point.