Vote For the Li’l Abner/Marryin’ Sam Ticket In 2008


Their slogan: “It’s parity that no one understands.”


While I’m on the subject of what was arguably the greatest comic strip of all time (until its creator, Al Capp, burned out and started turning out unsubtle right-wing strips that anticipated the lesser episodes of South Park) Comics.com’s series of Li’l Abner reprints is currently in the middle of one of Al Capp’s brilliant, insane “Fearless Fosdick” stories, where he’d turn over his strip for weeks on end to Abner’s favourite strip-within-a-strip, the ultra-violent adventures of the world’s worst detective who worked for the world’s most corrupt city. The violence in these stories makes Itchy and Scratchy look like the Happy Little Elves; the meta-jokes about comic strips and their readers are some of the most elaborate satirical humour ever created. In this story, Fearless Fosdick investigates brutal murders being carried out by a talking Chippendale Chair.


Vote For the Li’l Abner/Marryin’ Sam Ticket In 2008

  1. Lil Abner would probably make a pretty enjoyable television series, but I have no idea which network would even take a chance on it. The first one I could come up with was CMT, which is already a third-tier cable net.

    So I guess it won’t happen!

  2. Thanks for this, Jaime. I was looking to buy the Fantagraphics collected volume with this story in it, but I can’t track it down. I must also find that tale with the poisoned pork and beans; a tainted can was circulating somewhere, and Fearless Fosdick responding by running and, whenever he saw someone eating pork and beans, he shot them in the head.

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