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Warnings then and now (III)


A day after the Globe reports that Canada has lost track of detainees and a day after the Defence Minister acknowledges the demoralizing effect on Canadian soldiers, the Foreign Affairs Minister emerges to say all are accounted for.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon has denied a published report that Canada lost track of war prisoners its soldiers transferred to Afghan authorities.

Cannon says Canadian authorities can account for all detainees transferred to Afghanistan, but he admits there have been delays in tracking some of them down. Cannon’s comments came today during a joint news conference with Haiti’s visiting prime minister.

(Reminder: Tomorrow at 1pm, I’ll be chatting about the year in Parliament.)


Warnings then and now (III)

  1. Stand back people, Minister Loose Cannon will now make everything perfectly clear.

  2. Well this should be a fun game.
    Who's the liar? MacKay or Cannon?

    It's like a horribly depressing version of spin the bottle with our government ministers.

    • Like to bet their both wrong?

  3. Another shining light of Conservativism flickers.

  4. "We know exactly where they are" said Cannon. The Minister was asked where they were and he replied "On Earth, silly" and with that he pulled out a stuffed racoon, put it on his head and danced away, singing excerpts from "Dream Girls".

  5. you forget that the prisoners are the one who mutilate and kill the canadiens and kill also push the drugs unto ouer children.Bleeding hearts opposition.Wait untill a toronto or montreal schopping mall blows up and then hear them cry.Dont they have anything else to do??? That is why most canadiens are sick of polititiens!

  6. … as long as they tell the one at the same time.