Watcha gonna do? -

Watcha gonna do?


In the spirit of April Fool’s Day (and possibly Wrestlemania), the NDP’s Megan Leslie and Conservative Michelle Rempel, friendly rivals, practiced their trash talk on Twitter yesterday.

Megan Leslie @MichelleRempel: Ok blondie. Think you’re so smart? How bouta Thrilla on the Hilla 2, you&me. We’ll c who gets the tar sands beat outta them

Michelle Rempel, MP @MeganLeslieMP you’re on, Tofu. You have a few punches coming down the pipeline for sure.

Megan Leslie @MichelleRempel I’ve got the power of lefty righteous indignation on my side. What about you?

Michelle Rempel, MP @MeganLeslieMP I’ve got two strong mandates, leftie and righty. Think you can handle their ethical awesomeness?


Watcha gonna do?

  1. That’s witty banter for pols, good for them.

    • Extremely cheesy of Angus to quote Martin Luther King Jr. in his opening.

      I guess for a wannabe Indie rocker escaping from the Twitter machines is kinda akin to being released from servitude.

  2. These fights are a great idea. They let parliamentarians take out their natural hostility and aggression towards each other in a positive way, and by allowing this controlled release of aggression would make for a better behaved HOC. #hockeyLogic

  3. They’re here all week, folks. Try the veal.