Watching Iran free itself


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Watching Iran free itself

  1. This may end badly.

    The Iranian Caliphate, is not the same as the Egyption dictator.

    The revolutionary Guard is NOT the Egyption military. There will be blood.

    • Not to mention that the middle east saw what happened in Egypt. I don't expect any other leader in the region to sit quietly while protests gain steam now.

      • Over 300 died in Egypt.

        • Compared to the kind of oppression that could be brought forth, that still strikes me as sitting quietly.

          • People die in revolutions….Iranians died in their last failed attempt. 2009/10

            Here's hoping this one will be more successful.

  2. Opposition leaders under house arrest in Iran, all communication cut off for them

    Bahrain in an uproar as well….one protester shot in the back which enraged the crowd. Yemen continuing to protest.

    Dominoes is alive and well.

  3. We are living in very interesting times.

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