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Way to be a role model, coach

F-bombs from the coach’s corner OF A MINOR HOCKEY LEAGUE GAME


Warning: this post contains foul language (not mine).

One of my boys, James, played in a minor bantam hockey tournament over the weekend here in Ottawa. The semi-final game was wildly entertaining – and in the end James’s team, the Ottawa West Golden Knights, won 3-1 over the Whitby Wildcats.

As many parents and grandparents can attest, watching minor hockey is generally a blast – but there are frustrating aspects as well. The dirty hits. The post-whistle nonsense in front of the net. Hearing I’ve Got a Feeling on the tinny arena loudspeaker for the 3,205,276th time.

But in my eight years of sitting in the stands, the guy who’s always bothered me most is Apoplectic Coach – the coach who’s always complaining, always hollering at the ref, slamming the door, waving his arms, and who isn’t afraid to drop the f-bomb to make known the magnitude of his profound dismay with the many wrongs being perpetrated against himself and his team by the officials, by the fates and by society as a whole.

To some extent, Apoplectic Coach has become an endearing Canadian stereotype – the obnoxious tyrant whose abuse we condone or at least tolerate because “his heart’s in the right place.” But I’ve grown weary of him. I’ve seen too many tantrums.

If you doubt the influence of Apoplectic Coach on his players – on your sons and daughters – I invite you to read what I’ve posted below. It’s the Game Incident Report from the semi-final against Whitby, as filed by the referee. (For the record, I’m sure that as game reports go, this one is pretty tame. I have no doubt there’s been way worse.)

Three notes:

1.   Section 1 (which I’ve not included) deals with a penalty assessed during the game against one of the players on the Knights.

2.   I’ve removed the name of the coach and the names and numbers of the players on the Whitby team. This isn’t about shaming one man. But ask yourself: would we as parents accept this kind of behaviour from any other adult in a position of authority? From a Scout leader? From a teacher? In a society that’s suddenly united against bullying behaviour in schools, why do we allow it from certain coaches?

3.   These kids are 13.


Here is the referee’s report, beginning with Section 2:

2) After the game was finished, the Head Coach of the Whitby Wildcats [name removed] started to yell at me and my linesmen from the bench as we were standing between the benches awaiting the player of the game announcement. I was trying to ignore what he was saying as they had just lost and are certainly disappointed they were eliminated from the tournament. However, he persisted and said “Hey Ref, you are a fucking disgrace to this game.” I decided to assess a Game Misconduct as per rule 9.2(a) – a minor penalty shall be assessed to any player or team official who challenges or disputes the rulings of an official during the game or who displays unsportsmanlike conduct…Note: a referee is not required to assess a minor penalty under this rule before assessing the Misconduct or Game Misconduct, but may assess either of these penalties initially. I assessed a Game Misconduct as this was profane language and was a personal insult towards the referee.

3) After the game was finished, Whitby Wildcats [name and number deleted], started to bang his stick against the boards and yell at me. As per Situation 2 mentioned above, me and my linesmen tried to ignore the comments from the Whitby bench. [The player] yelled “you fucking suck ref” and I assessed a Game Misconduct as per rule 9.2(a) with rule explanation as described above in situation 2.

4) After the game was finished, Whitby Wildcats [name and number deleted] started to bang his stick (similar to [the player] listed above) and yelled “Yeah, you fucking suck.” I assessed a Game Misconduct as per rule 9.2(a) with rule explanation as described above in Situation 2.

5) After the game was finished, Whitby Wildcats [name and number deleted] continually slapped his stick on the ice and yelled “nice game ref, you fucking idiot.” I assessed a Game Misconduct as per rule 9.2(a) with rule explanation as described above in situation 2.

6) After the game was finished, Whitby Wildcats [name and number deleted] stood on the blue line awaiting the player of the game awards yelled “you’re a fucking retard ref.” I assessed a Game Misconduct as per rule 9.2(a) with explanation as described in situation 2.

Note: situations 3-6 occurred after their coach made his comments. At no point did any of the coaching staff try to quiet their players down or tell them to stop yelling at the officials. It was in my observations that the coaches did not oppose the harassment of the officials as situations 3-6 took place over the course of 20-30 seconds, all within earshot of the Whitby bench. There were no further issues or confrontation after the teams left the ice.


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Way to be a role model, coach

  1. its called the don cherry effect.the bully of HniC.you know,we are what we eat and that goes for television sports as well. id like to add,the HOC is another example of bullism.great article scott.

    • Many moons ago, my young nephew attended the same church as Don Cherry. One day after church Don spied the little boy and asked him if he played any sports. “Yes sir” my nephew told him, “I play hockey and baseball.” The dean of Canadian hockey replied “stick to baseball kid, you’ll make a lot more money!

  2. Scott, I can only suggest you read “The Lost Dream” by Steve Simmonds.
    It is the story of Mike Danton and while the sexual aspect likely does not apply here, the insight it provides into how a “successful” coach motivates and manipulates his players to makes them “winners” is, well, sickening. It’s also terrible that most parents turn a blind eye to the antics because they think that’s just what it takes to excel in hockey’s upper echelons.
    I grew up living and breathing hockey. Yet now that I have kids of my own, I hope they don’t show much of an interest in playing the game.

    • I understand your perspective and get why you feel that way. But it really is a great game and we’ve been fortunate that our two kids have had excellent, caring and (with perhaps one exception) calm coaches. I’ve just never understood why parents tolerate the bullies and loudmouths.

      • Because they want to win, and they think someone with knowledge of the game is better at doing that than someone with emotional intelligence. Wanting to win is the problem.

  3. And yet, if you go to the OMHA, GTHL, or OHF finals – where the very best teams are battling with everything they have for a championship – apoplectic coach is nowhere to be found. Because his team lost weeks ago.

    Season after season, the best teams are those that can maintain their composure in high-pressure situations…and apoplectic coach’s team can’t. They’ve learned poor discipline from their coach’s example, and that lack of discipline translates into losing come playoffs.

  4. This explains why I’m quite happy with my kids playing non-competitive house league. Apoplectic Coach usually doesn’t coach at that level and my kids are growing up enjoying hockey as a sport, not as a potential pay-off. So sad to hear that this still happens – and happy to see that the refs managed to keep their composure in all of this.

  5. This is the main reason non of my three kids played hockey we got seasons passes at a ski hill. No coaches required and the only competition was with yourself to do better.

  6. We tolerate this sort of crap because our general societal approach to sports and competition is based far more on winning than honour. (Why do I feel like I could cut and paste this into a thread on politics too?) Apoplectic Coach is just a slightly over the top version of parents cheering goals, smiling a bit more when their kids win, and investing an insane level of resources into having their offspring ape professional competition. What kid every really believes it when they’re told ‘having fun’ is the most important thing? They don’t, because they’re smart enough to see through the lie. It’s one thing to buy your kid skates and a stick so they can mess around with their friends on a frozen pond. It’s quite another to create these microcosms of pro leagues: complete with trophies, uniforms, tournaments, MVPs, families investing entire weekends in driving kids to play, huge equipment investments, and the like. If you don’t think that amounts to a pressure cooker for coaches and kids alike, you’re deluding yourself. I pulled my own kids from house league soccer a few years ago because I was disgusted by coaches who gave extra field time to better players, parents allowing their kids to trash talk other kids on the field, parents yelling at refs and opposing players, and arguments between parents on the side-lines at a tournament. And that was house league, for chrissake. I get that competition can breed excellence. But so can cooperation and community. I’m afraid competitive sports – particularly for kids – is more apt to bring out the worst in all of us, And for whatever excellence and life lessons that might engender, we should ask ourselves if the downsides are worth exposing our kids to. Downvote away…

  7. Wait, is this or is this not a very subtle and highly effective commentary on Rob Ford?

    • Only when the refs are lefties.

  8. Shame on the Whitby hockey organization. Hockey has been a goon show for too long. Filled with has beens or never weres that think they know something about the sport. The disrespect on and off the ice is disgraceful. The top of the food chain (NHL owners) need to take the initiative to set the right tone. Unfortunately, it all seems to be about the $ and the game is secondary.

  9. Let’s hope at least one executive member of the Whitby Wildcats organization reads this. I’m tired of excusing bad behaviour from coaching staff in minor sports because it is a volunteer position.

  10. This is why I prefer tennis, a gentleman’s game, and skiing where if a racer displays anger or swears in the course of a race can be sanctioned from the next event. Hockey is great and pick-up shinny games the best – but shouldn’t be considered more important than perfect cross-training for skiing. The rink is too small and the refs call a different game in the playoffs than regular season – the result of these two factors turn the rink into a cage and eliminate a freeskating, flowing sport that is beautiful to watch.

    I remember the one and only Himself, Gary Bettman saying after Salt Lake Olympics, “Wouldn’t it be great if the NHL ice was this size and the referees called the game by the rules” … in context this was when clutching, grabbing and stickwork were at their peak – but you see my point.

  11. One of the main reasons my own parents never let me play hockey were not the coaches, but the parents who felt their kid did not have enough ice time, were the best, had dreams for them, etc. They had a friend who coached his sons’ teams, and that guy said he sometimes wanted to play without an audience just to avoid irate parents who want their sons on the ice all the time and yell at anyone (coach, ref, players).

    People forget it’s a game. We see much less of this in baseball, which I played, partly because there are nowhere near the expectations for players’ futures in the sport.

  12. It is a pathetic excuse of a coach and he should be banned from the sport. Coaching young people in any sport starts with leading by example. Yes, winning is what it always comes down to but you cannot learn to enjoy the spoils of victory without experiencing the pain of defeat. Every sport, every game will see a missed or bad call by an official but rarely does it effect the actual outcome of the game and that is part and parcel of what a coach is supposed to be teaching his players. Officials are human, they make mistakes and are to be forgiven. Players are supposed to be taught to rise above it and overcome. Coaching young people is not only about the sport but also about being good citizens and leaders away from the sport.

    Bill Manning
    Humboldt SK

    • Suck a big one you loser go do something else with your life, youre probably a 50 year old virgin, quit searching blogs trying to suck up to all these writers no one gives a flying frick

      • You sound like a nice guy, Mr. “I think Bills a TOOL.”

      • Are you a coach, or a player?

      • That’s the spirit ITBAT, but shouldn’t you be at a hockey rink?

  13. I saw lots of this kind of behaviour over many years as trainer on my son’s team as he progressed through the age groups. It got worse as he got older. I also saw coaches refuse to discourage illegal hits or, heaven forbid, discipline a player for such a hit. I got tired of heading out on the ice to help another of our players injured by a dirty hit. Don Cherry and Harry Neale (finish the check…) have a lot to answer for. There is a deep sickness in the game at all levels.

  14. i guarantee this is not true. ive seen reffing ruin games and seeing as your in ottawa and ur an ottawa team its called home town reffing, if u werent on the ice to hear it u dont know. u cant just take one side of the story and assume its true. ur just a spectator and should not have made this article no matter the team or coach.

    • Thank you for “guaranteeing” that something you didn’t see happen didn’t happen.

  15. Alright Mr. Big Shot how do you or the ref know that it was the head coach saying all this? did you go up to you before the game and say i’m the head coach of the Whitby Wildcats? NO! Next, your telling us that the ref remembered word for word what the players said and the number? once again highly doubtful. Lastly, your 100% sure that those 4 kids said that? No because your a spectator not the ref or anyone on the ice surface. So this means you wrote a big long article on a “refs report” that is totally not believable. Try a new profession

    • thank you Rick! way to rat a coach out for something you got from a ref! hometown reffing

    • Rick, did you even read what I wrote? First, at no point did I say I heard any of what transpired. I quoted directly and extensively from the ref’s report. Second, if the ref’s report is truly “not believable” then it would be very simple to appeal the suspensions and win that appeal. I’m not sure why a ref would make up five different people swearing at him, but if that’s what happened then it would be pretty easy to prove the ref made it all up. Finally, I don’t know if you’ve watched much hockey in your life, but I can assure you that the referee knows who the head coach of each team is.

  16. Its hockey get over yourself buddy

    • Oh, okay.

  17. I was there and this definitley did not happen. You should check your facts and hear the coachs’ side before you destroy his reputation.There may have been spectators hurling insults but not with that language. Looks like someone got their 15 minutes of fame by tainting the game and a coach.

  18. Way to go Mr. Feschuk! Do you feel proud ratting a coach out for something he didn’t do? You should feel ashamed for what you did! I was at the game and yes it may have been intense and yes the refs were not the best. That does not mean you have to take advantage of your job and write a big article when none of it is true! Way to ruin his reputation! Hope it makes you feel good!

    • John, if “none” of it is true – if the ref manufactured five different people insulting him with the f-bomb – then you should get signed affidavits from the players and bench staff and appeal the suspensions.

      • Whitby’s coach would never through the f-bomb, and unless you actually saw it, its scary that you have enough guts to write it in a newspaper, grow up!

        • Again, John, I don’t mean to belabor the obvious, but if he didn’t do it, and his players didn’t do it, then it would be very easy to muster sufficient witnesses to get any suspension overturned. I’m sure the ref would also be out of a job since this would mean he “invented” five abusive comments in order to hand out five game misconducts for no apparent reason.

  19. Why didn’t you write about the penalty to the knights? Oh right your byist!

    • Byist? OK, less time on the ice and a little more time on the schoolwork.

  20. i was on the ice… i am apart of this team and my coach never said any of this, first of all how would you know what he said. 2nd he is the most respectable a man i know he dedicates his time to help us improve. Also i get what we did was wrong but dissing my coach is wrong we know it my coach knows it, for you to write this blog about my coach in that kind of way is disgusting and completly un neseccary. Oh and by the way your players were chirping the reff to bud so dont act all innocent. so if i were you ide appologize for making all those incorrect statements about my team and most of all my coach because all of what you just said was completly and utterly in accurate. its a game, its apart of the game, get over it.

    • I’m confused, Andrew. You admit that “what we did was wrong” yet you say the ref’s report is “completely and utterly inaccurate.” Which is it?

  21. This is an absolute joke. I play on this minor bantam hockey team. My coach has and will never say those words mentioned above. My coach has been coaching me for 2 and a half years and has never said anything bad, told us to do bad or even swear at the ref. The part I find outrageous is the fact you Mr. Feschuck you are using your job in a total inappropriate way and I think this whole article was completely unnecessary. You even explain you are just a guy in the stands. How do you know what my coach is like? How do you know what he does or what his actions are? We played you guys twice and we lost both games. You guys are a good team and deserved to win that should of been the end of it. We lost and go home but all of this is completly unnecessary for you to do this to us. It truly breaks my heart to see a person do such a thing. Sure we were dissapointed that we lost, and sure maybe we did display some unsportsmanlike actions but thats what happens. Your team did say things to the ref too. Like I said before I was on the ice you are just a guy that has been in the stands for eight years. And one more thing there are even some NHL coaches who lose it and I can assure you that my coach is NOT one of those coaches.

    • Hi Jake, I appreciate you taking the time to write and I understand that you are upset. As you can read in the my post above, at no point do I claim that I heard the words directed at the referee. I didn’t. However, you team was assessed five game misconducts for abuse of an official. The referee in question directly quoted four of your players and one of your coaches as insulting him using the f-word. Should the rest of us believe that he made this up out of thin air? That he took the time to assess five game misconducts and fabricate these insults (which, by the way, he said his linesman also heard)? That’s a little hard for me to believe. But if you think that’s what really happened – that the ref imagined the whole thing – then your parents and team staff should take this up with his superiors. But let me ask you a question: do you think it’s acceptable for a player or a coach to use profanity in insulting an official? Do you think that anyone who does so deserves a penalty of some kind? These are serious questions – I’m curious to know what you think.

      • Give him a break Scott really, you wrote this blog for ONE reason! And that was for attention! And well you got what you wished for! Way to take advantage of your job, and rat out Whitby! there’s better ways to get attention, than making up what you heard in a “refs report” You may as well join the paparazzi at the rate your going.

        • If I wanted attention, I’d write about Justin Trudeau. (Which is why I also wrote about Justin Trudeau.)

          • That’s my point big shot you love attention!

          • Big shot? Really? Thanks!

          • Have you wrote any other biased hockey blogs? if so send them i’m interested!

      • umm i said what we did was wrong directing it at the fact we were slapping our sticks on the ice, never once did any of my players or coaches drop the f-bomb to the ref. and like i said in my last response your team was also chirping the ref and your coach also made comments to the ref (with no profanity) but you have to think from our side of the story for the people that were on the ice on my team how would you like it if we made up some bogus blog about your coach and got him suspended. im sure you wouldnt be to happy either. in our minds it was completely unnessecary for you to create this. because now look at all the people you have gotten to think we are rude obnoxious hockey players and the whole whitby organization is terrible and un disciplined because if that what you wanted people to think, congratz i hope your satisfied.

        • Andrew and Jake: it’s admirable that you are defending your coach and your colleagues. That’s the mark of a good teammate. But let’s get the facts straight, okay? I did not “make up” a blog. I’ve never met your coach and don’t have any stake in whether he gets suspended. It comes down to this: you are asking us all to believe that a referee completely fabricated FIVE instances of verbal abuse involving profanity. Why would he do this? If he in fact DID do this – and remember, he said his linesmen also heard the abuse – but if he DID invent this entire scenario, then you, your teammates, your parents and your coaches should pursue this further, appeal the suspension and hold the referee to account. If you’re not willing to do this, then it suggests the ref’s report is accurate in all its ugliness.

          • we are thats kind of why my coach got suspended and why we are all as a team going to his hearing to try and get the point across that NOONE EVER SAID ANY OF THIS. mine and jakees point to you is that its unnessecary to creat this piece not knowing its its actually accurate, therefore ruining his reputation as an amazing dad and beign like a 2nd father to all of us. thats our point, thats all that matters to me here. if u were an honourable and respectable man you would write an appology even if you still think its true, cause frankly this blog was unneccesary.

          • *coach

          • Andrew, if the referee’s report is judged to be fabricated, I would be happy to write about that decision.

          • one of the parts in this i dont get is why is my coach the bad guy for not saying anything but when ur player kicks ours its completly okay, please elaborate?

          • Also how would u get the referee report ur a spectator, ur facts can’t be accurate if u just took the refs word for it, we didn’t even see the report so how did you get it and also if you wanna retry ur blog show everyone ur not biast by including the penalty that u received for kicking someone in the head. We can make a blog about your team to but we have the courtesy not to.

          • Andrew, are you really disputing the fact that I have a copy of the ref’s report? I realize you’re upset but you’re not making much sense. This isn’t about MY “facts.” I’ve stated numerous times that I did not hear what was said. My blog simply quotes from the ref’s report. They are the ref’s facts. And the story they tell reflects a trend that is all too common in minor hockey today, which I why I chose to write about it.

      • Hold on Mr.Feschuck I think you have entirley missed my point here. The point I made in my comment above is to tell you and everyone else who may of read my post is that my coach is NOT an apoplectic coach. And for you to say that about him is redicilous. You saw him once coaching my team. You could of not possibly heard what he said of even know what kind of coach he is. To awnser your question Mr.Feschuck My coach has NEVER sworn at an official or even us.Infact we are not even allowed to listen to music in the changeroom with swear words. So for you to label WMHA my team and my coach like this is totaly unaccactable and requires to maybe think again or have an apoligy to make. Because with this article you have not only destroyed my coaches reputation but you have destroyed WMHA reputation.Thanks to you my coach now looks like a bad guy. also you have made us look like a bunch of clowns and dont care what we do. Wll buddy you have got it wrong. I love playing hockey. The WMHA is a great organization and for you to make us sound like that is foolishness. Anyway I think I have made my point across and you making this post is a bunch of garbage.

      • oh and one more thing mr. feschuck just so everyone knows my coach didnt say anything at all like that, my coach made a facebook profile and we had to add him so he could monitor us so we dont use any inappropriate language or behaviour, also like jake said he doesnt even let us listen to music with profanity in it, but most of all if i dont recall, one of your players got kicked out for actually kicking one of our players, talk about great discipline right there.

  22. My father was a coach for hockey, softball, curling; and he was often a referee. I would have been severely reprimanded and grounded for talking to a ref like that. What’s the matter with the PARENTS? never mind the coach, who should be fired.

  23. I know the wife of an NHL hockey player (retired) in Calgary who is involved in dealing with the issue of bullying in coaching. There are serious bullies in riding coaching, in swimming, in volleyball, basketball – in all sports. Kudos to Scott for having the courage and forthrightness to bring this out in the open. It’s about time, and I’m glad to see it in a national magazine, because it needs a national conversation. Those who cry foul are dishonest and bullies themselves.

  24. I kinda wish I worked for Macleans so I could write completely biased and inaccurate blogs back at Ottawa, kinda like you just did Mr. Feschuk

    • You don’t need to work at Maclean’s to do that. Go for it.

    • Biased article = word for word reproduction of the referee’s report.

      Also, you’re upset about bias in journalism? Have you never read a newspaper column before?

  25. The solution is easy. Video recordings of all games. These numbnuts get away with this stuff because the moment the incidents are over they drift into the world of heresay. You’ve tried to shine light on this by publicizing the referee report. Why not go a step further and institutionalize this? I am also a hockey parent and a soccer parent. Same goes for soccer. The technology is there.

    • Love the idea. When people have to own their actions and comments they tend to act better. Similarly, we should not hide our identities when making comments such as we are here. Sunlight is a good disinfectant.

  26. This comment was deleted.

    • Why would I want to bash Whitby? Is there something about the place that’s worth bashing?

  27. Funny how you left out the Ottawa player who received a “match penalty”, was that in section 1? Or was that player YOU’RE son?

  28. We need to be very careful here. Mr. Feschuk is now a party to a number of violations and sanction under Hockey Canada rules. These children, coaches, team staff and officials on both teams–and even the challenged hometown refs (try as they may–they blew the game) are entitled to privacy protections. The children are minors. Their parents are sure to be aware of this. Each of their respective leagues must be. The kid in Whitby has a really good point! This alleged reporter has left out the Ottawa swearing and the Ottawa child that kicked a Whitby kid in the head. That was the true travesty in this game! So, someone in the tournament? Or, someone in a position of privledge to information–a coach–a manager? has leaked out private information to who? Himself? An alleged self-identified part-time, ah….”reporter?” Not Cool! The Ottawa DMHA is sure to be upset about this when contacted by the WMHA, or their umbrella organization the OMHA. The guy is trying to say he was a parent int he stands; but, I’m watching my video version of the game–and I have another theory. This guy has sewn what he is about to reap. Karma! I hope he posts an apology when he is exposed. Good thing your picture is up right there! In my job, if I pretended to be a parent in the stands when I had obtianed information through my position on a team, I’d be fired!

    • This is awesome – I love a good conspiracy theory! Right now I only see a few holes that will stop this thing from becoming as big as the “fake moon landing” or “Barack Obama being Kenyan.” I especially enjoyed how you “exposed” that I am the manager of my son’s team, which I’ve mentioned before. GOOD DIGGING, WOODWARD. Oh my God! The guy with access to game reports got access to a game report!!!!!

      • Just because you got access to the game sheet, does not mean you got access to the refs report!

        • Wait, Jonathon, so now you’re saying that i INVENTED the ref’s report, too?? Okay, folks, I’m done here. I’ve given players and people from Whitby the opportunity to give their side of the story. I’ve responded to many of the comments in good faith and without resorting to mention of all the many spelling errors (except for this one mention of all the many spelling errors). But I’m going to stop reading and responding to what’s posted here because really it has degenerated into a series of insults and factual errors. (To cite just two examples: there was no swearing from the Ottawa bench and no one in the game got kicked in the head. There was, however, an incident involving what was judged to be a kick to the chest as two kids scrambled to get up after a collision.)

          Here’s how I’ll leave it: if any suspensions are overturned and the ref’s report is judged to be fabricated – if he invented five instances of verbal abuse at the end of a game for no apparent reason – then I will write a post with that information. In fact, I’d be happy to do that. I am neither “byist” nor biased against Whitby. To my knowledge, I’ve never been to Whitby. I thought their hockey team was very talented and well-coached on the ice. But over the years I’ve grown tired of belligerent coaches and players. To me, the details of what happened at the end of this game – as reported by the ref – provide a perfect example of the type of behaviour that is, to me at least (though clearly not to all), not representative of good sportsmanship.

          • check yourself before you wreck yourself boooooyyyy!

      • In your naivete, stupidity, or arrogance you have now missed the point of the error in poor judgement you have made. I work in a school–I have access to large amounts of private information on children and families. This does not allow me to pretend to be an amateur Blog reporter, to print it. In fact I have an obligation to protect it. In your position on this team you have abused your priveledge. My wife works in a bank. She has, again, large amounts of highly sensitive information at her finger tips. She too can’t pretend to be a reporter and talk to herself to share that information with the public. I assume in your position as a team staff member–which you hid–and did not reveal: You pay the reffs? Right? In your position as a team manager, you have taken the same PRS course we all have? As an amateur reporter you have to have taken an ethics course? Right? Because now Macleans is a party to your wrongful decision making, and you have embarassed a fairly reputable Canadian Institution which your erroneous writing has sullied. A a decent human being you have an obligation to get your facts straight and your story correct. Not publish lies and then ask for affadavits. You went too far. And now I hope you are made to account, in your asssociation, in the OMHA, and under strict Hockey Canada guidelines. It is you that have become the bully, and you don’t even seem to see it. Why not write about the ten game suspension for the child on your team that embarassed our good nation’s capital? That is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen in three children and twenty years behind the bench and in the stands. Perhaps your original blog should have been an apology for your part in that?

    • amen