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‘We deserve better’


Beginning at about the 23-minute mark here—and after an interview with Michael Douglas—George Stroumboulopoulos unleashes a Merceresque rant on the proroguing of Parliament, then talks things over with our Andrew Coyne.


‘We deserve better’

  1. I have to say, I've never understood this phrase "we deserve…" or "Canadians deserve…" Why do we "deserve" it? What have we done that we should deserve it? We "should have" something, perhaps, or we "have a right" to it: these are claims, which you can take or leave. But "deserve" suggests that we are in some way deserv-ing.

  2. We pay 150K/year to these parliamentarians. I think it's fair to say that we deserve better than a 3-month Christmas holiday.

  3. No. We don't, actually. Because we chose the ones that chose to have the 3-month holiday. We got what we deserved. Just because I didn't vote conservative doesn't lessen my culpability, because I didn't devote all I could have toward ensuring the right people were elected. I haven't run as a candidate who wants to change the system so that all of our votes matter. I haven't volunteered my extra time to create a party that embodies the values of so many Canadians, and to be honest, I haven't even gotten deeply involved with any of the parties to adjust their policies to those that Canadians would want. I haven't spent my time convincing people of the importance of voting, and voting for the right people. I haven't done what I could, so this is what I get.

    No. We get exactly the results we deserve. When we let our apathy, cynicism, and laziness dictate the system — as we have been for so many years now — this is the natural, expected, and inevitible result.

  4. Fair enough. But can we be blamed for having a reasonable expectation from our elected MPs? Should the buyer be blamed for believing the labels on the products they buy?

  5. Well, no. We didn't actually. Didn't choose the ones that chose to have the 3 month holiday, that is.

    The majority of Canadians voted for other parties which is kinda the crux of the whole point of the Harper Holiday being anti-democratic. In fact, fewer actual Canadians voted for Harper the last go round than did in 2006 and he won the support of the smallest percent of eligible voters in our entire history with only about 22%.

  6. What we need to hear is "We Demand Better."

    But we don't hear it nearly enough.

  7. Where's Michael Ignatieff after all this?

    As Coyne mentions in his post below – Iggy's vacationing in Europe, no doubt in his self-described 1.8 million dollar villa in southern France.

    And the Liberals shoot themselves in the foot by putting accusing Stephen Harper of being on vacation, while he's actually hard at work.

    Iggy is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Hey, now there's a real thought out response for you. When all else fails, blame Iggy because he had a fews day vacation in a villa "left" to him "and his brother".

      Jealousy rearing it's ugly head again.

      Oh ya, a vacation that was planned "before Harper" announces confirmation of prorogation on New Years Eve.

      This obsession with Iggy's vaction is rather sick.

  8. They accuse Harper of vacationing on the Liberal website. I doubt it will remain on for much longer given Iggy's present whereabouts.

  9. Yes, but who's responsible for that system being in place?

  10. Some posts deserve more than one thumbs up.. but that's all this system lets me give.

  11. Well, maybe Coyne hasn't done anything to deserve it (certainly not by championing neoliberal economics during most of his 'career')., but I think Canadians generally have.

    What makes Coyne think we *don't* deserve it?

  12. That reminds me of an election slogan; I believe that Canadian voters were very recently encouraged to Demand Better.

    And I believe that enough voters responded to that slogan and the feelings behind it to say "Yes. We do demand better." I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I'm feeling underwhelmed by the results.

  13. While the Liberal partisans are trying to make something out of this by demanding parliament gets back to work,

    Iggy takes the opportunity lavishes himself in a decadent, European elite-style leisure time.

    Oh my. The layers of richness.




    Like a political candy bar.

    • Now that you've opened the door to the domain of the sugary metaphor, may I posit that the Conservatives are attempting to have their cake and eat it too.

      Oh, the self-indulgence of a party that criticizes everyone but themselves for not passing bills that they're forcing through the house and senate…and then shutting down the whole process on an annual basis on Harper's "because I say so."

      Have some cake, Biff. Sooner or later, the cake will run out and you'll be eating crow.

  14. Anyone else noticed that Harper chose the night of the Junior Hockey game to do this interview?

    Doesn't matter, though. We've got the internet to watch the re-runs. Nice try, Harper.

  15. "self-described"

    Citation please. Exactly when and where did Ignatieff say that?

    Not going to hold my breath. It's Jarrid right? Who needs facts?

  16. I see where the Liberald will be in Ottawa on January 25th on the day Parliament was supposed to be back.

    Liberals. Back to Work.

    Conservatives. Hibernating.

  17. I stand corrected. Iggy described his 1.8 million dollar villa as modest.

  18. It isn't all about Ignatieff, despite the propaganda to the contrary.

  19. Liberals annoint Iggy their standard bearer,
    The early media reports compare him to Liberal greats,
    He's the official party leader and heads the caucus in Parliament,

    but now, pointing to Iggy as representing Liberals (now that he's proven to be worse than Dion),

    is "propaganda".

    I believe that would be the cherry on top.

  20. And the real issue here is the value of Ignatieff's home.


  21. You don't seem like the type who would honestly begrudge a man the fruits of his labours, jarrid.

  22. He is far too dedicated to the task of cutting and running from parliament to take a vacation.

  23. The average person "deserves better" than to be mugged in the street — the people of a constitutional democracy "deserve better" than to have the rules of its legislature exploited ruthlessly to avoid accountability.

    It might not be the perfect way to use the phrase, but I get what he means.

  24. And this is how we know that Biff is a partisan stooge rather than a thinking person.

    A thinking person would realize that there's more than two parties.
    And all parties except one are criticizing Harper's proroguement.

    It really isn't all about Iggy.

    Unless you're a partisan stooge, that is.

  25. Umm…..if you pay for a service you expect something in return.

    Would you pay a plumber or pay for a new sweater or a haircut if you didn't get them?