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We don’t need your thought control


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We don’t need your thought control

  1. Saw this on CBC Arts online the other day. Roger Waters has givnen his okay for this use of his material.

    One funny thing I noticed is that the scenes with the Mullah and the band seem to have been filmed inside a typical Toronto late 19th century Anglican church or some other main line denomination.

  2. Someone should sit KoRn down and make them listen to that repeatedly until they get it.

    THIS is how you cover Another Brick in the Wall.

  3. Awesome.

  4. I'm all for the thing, and it's great politically, but as a song I feel a bit like Barney's friend in Barney's version (whose line Barney rips off) when he said something like "while McCarthy et.al. were of course atrocious people, and one was of course completely on the side of the blacklisted, as unwitting art critics, the McCarthyites got most things right". I think the blacklisted were mostly good artists, though (Barney and friend were just being provocative too, I think). But it is very true that it is very difficult to make explicitly political art that's any good. So I guess I should cut the kids a break and just salute their courage, ingenuity, and sense of counter-propaganda. Has anyone reworked iconic Iranian poetry the same way, I wonder?

  5. brilliant

  6. Hey….just be glad the two fella's who came up with the idea are both of Iranian descent.

    Can you imagine the coverage by CBC or Siddiqui if they were two white Christian guys?


    Anti-Muslim !!!
    Anti-Islam !!!

    On so on and so forth.

    Other than that…..great job.

  7. Heard this on CBC on my way to work this morning. Loved it, and wrote down "Blurred Vision" in my smoke pack. Guess I didn't need to.