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We Get Netflix. Well, Some of It


Many people (okay, three) have asked me when Netflix is going to come to Canada. The answer appears to be “later this year.” But with a catch.

Netflix, Inc., the leading Internet movie subscription service, today announced it will expand into Canada this fall offering unlimited movies and TV episodes streamed instantly to TVs and computers for one low monthly fee. The Canadian launch will mark the first availability of Netflix outside the United States…

Canadians interested in Netflix can go to www.netflix.ca and sign up to receive an email from the company when the service launches in Canada this fall.

The press release says that this “will mark the first streaming-only service promoted by Netflix,” which is a very upbeat way of saying that we won’t be getting the DVD rental service, just the streaming service. Still, this is the first chance we’ll have to get one of the U.S. streaming behemoths — as you know, most of them have been blocked here due to licensing/rights issues. I guess we’ll have to find out just how much of the streamed content we have access to, or if some of it will be blocked based on those same issues.

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We Get Netflix. Well, Some of It

  1. Television when I want it, the way I want it, is all I ask. If Netflix is everything it appears to be in the US, I'm more than willing to pay for it.

  2. I believe my ISP imposes a bandwidth cap of 50 or 60 GB a month. How many movies/tv shows can I watch a month in conjunction with my heavy internet use?

    Is the quality any better than the tv shows or movies I download from the internet now?

    • Couldn't say precisely with your bandwidth limits, but I'd guess somewhere in the order of 60 hours of HD programming for 60 GB/mo. That'd be without your internet usage. The quality would likely be HD, same as you'd get over cable/satellite. Don't know what you're downloading from the internet now.

      But chances are it would be economical to cancel whatever TV subscription you have, and go to unlimited interwebs.

  3. WOW!!! That is wonderful. like having a piss .that stream may come unepided,stops and starts and grunts,shakes(playin with it.)who knows just more money out the WINDOW.

  4. We already have zip.ca here, so the lack of a DVD service isn't that big a deal. But a real alternative to the ridiculous cable/satellite offers (no, in fact I do not want to pay you for literally* hundreds of channels that I'll literally* never watch just so I can get the 10 or so I want) is a very exciting prospect. I'll be keeping an eye out for this; I hope the version we get isn't too crippled.

    * I'm using the word "literally" literally.

  5. Who cares about the mail-based DVD service?! Why anybody would want to wait 2-3 days for the DVD to get there in the mail when they could stream it online instantly is beyond me. Yeah Netflix!!

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