We Haven’t Lost a Train Since 1943



Everybody seems to be going free these days; first Squeaky Fromme, and now the perpetrator of the Great Train Robbery of 1963, septuagenarian Ronnie Biggs.

I always thought that the Great Train Robbery inspired Peter Cook and Alan Bennett’s comedy sketch of the same name, but it turns out that it pre-dates the robbery by several years, and they were referring back to older Great Train Robberies.

But at least I have an excuse to link to the sketch, which has had more influence on comedy than the Train Robbery had on crime.


We Haven’t Lost a Train Since 1943

  1. Mindermast ! Indeed !

  2. Wonderful stuff. I'm pretty sure you were right in the first instance though, Jaime. As far as I can tell, the sketch wasn't added until late in BTF's Broadway run, (it first appeared in LP form on Beyond the Fringe '64) so it does seem to be a response to Biggs' heist, if not a terribly direct one.