We need to talk

Join Aaron Wherry for a Live chat – Right now



You can now post your questions at the following link.


The House is on break and my afternoons for the next week will be relatively quieter. To fill the void, I’m doing a chat on Wednesday. Sort of like Andrew did, only with less discussion of tax policy reform. Also, Andrew chatted for about an hour. I don’t see why we couldn’t do two.

We’ll make it a Year in Parliament chat, but questions of a tangential nature—what should you get your spouse for Christmas, how often do I weep openly while watching proceedings in the House, why do I love Stephane Dion so much, etc.—will be welcome.

So. Wednesday. Let’s say 1pm. Watch this space for further details.


We need to talk

  1. "why do I love Stephane Dion so much, etc.—will be welcome."

    Unless you plan to actually deal with these vicious wingnuts with their bilious attacks, I'll pass.

  2. Sounds good, Aaron, except I work. I'll try to pop in if I can.

  3. Wow, a Liberal pep rally hosted by Wherry. No thanks.

    • Inner dialogue would suffice.

    • Oh please, Dakota! You are sooo going to be there…

    • Damn. It was a really a surprise party in honour of you Dakota. Way to ruin it.

      • Oh, ask all the cuddly creatures at SDA to do drop in. It'll be so funner.

    • Well, let's hope you keep your promise, you bilious cretin.

      • What's with the avatar? I thought you opposed avatars on principle.

  4. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to inform Canadians about how our system of government is supposed to work and where the ultimate authority lies.

    • You can't blame Wherry for our constitutional difficulties, he's really just a figurehead.

      • Why not blame Wherry, who else is there?

          • Careful now: I'm part of a small but fervent group who wish to see Mowat installed as King of Canada.

          • Me too! I just read "And No Birds Sang" this weekend. Awesome book, especially the last 50 pages. A truly great man.

          • I've read a lot of his stuff but not that one yet – I'll have to put it next on my stack. He's truly one my few heroes.

            Amy Honey is pretty cool indie musician who has a song about Mr. Mowat, by the way – you can listen to it on her Myspace site. (all her songs are good – I recommend folks check her out).


          • Nice song, great voice! Actually I like all her songs! Thanks for the tip.

            What should I read of Mowat's next? I've read "Never Cry Wolf," "And No Birds Sang," and "West-Viking." I'd like to stick to non-fiction for now. Maybe "People of the Deer"?

  5. People of the Deer is powerful – definitely worth the read. (I'm asuming you've read Lost in the Barrens – if not, you should. It would be interesting to hear your take on it, as one who has written for younger audiences too).

    • I will look for both! For now, given how prolific the guy is, I'm stuck with pot luck at the used bookstores. I just picked up "Ordeal by Ice" (Vol. 1) today. Frankly I'd read anything he wrote about anything, but this is a great subject to boot, especially in December.

  6. What lousy timing! It's finals' season, dammit.

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