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Weekend Discussion: Olympic commercials

What do you like? What do you hate? And what do you, like, HATE?


Because for the first time I’m actually at the Olympics, capturing the attention of world-famous skier Lindsay Vonn, who as you’ll see in the photograph below was looking directly at me, mesmerized by me, unable to peel her eyes away even as the world’s media awaited word on her fall in the ladies’ super combined…


Where was I? Right. Grim, dismaying reality.

Because for the first time I’m actually at the Olympics, I am not getting to see many of the commercials that are airing during Winter Games programming. I assume most of them are running with such frequency that by now you, the home viewer, would like to personally deport the nice family arriving at the airport in the Tim Horton’s commercial. Am I right about that? What are some of the best and worst ads? Let me suffer vicariously through you.

Oh, one commercial I have seen a few times is the Clara Hughes spot for Cold-FX (The “Guess it’s not a secret, ANYMORE” ad). Question: What do you figure the budget was for that commercial:

a)    between $10 and $20

b)   less than $10

c)    less than $0


Weekend Discussion: Olympic commercials

  1. I love Clara, but ugh…

    • You want the truth about the Tim Horton's Immigrant commercial: This is their story.

      The husband, Efonyeh was a Chemical engineer in Kenya. He wanted to come to Canada. HE saved his money and earned enough for himself to come to Canada. The chemical company he worked for had a office in Toronto. When he came to Canada they told him they would not hire him until he had Canadian experience. So he came out west. The only job he could get was working at Tim Horton's.

      He worked here 6 months saving enough money to bring his wife Josephine (an Electrical Engineer) and 2 kids over.

      The commercial depicts their reunion when Josephine and children finally came to Canada. It was actually snowing hard the day they landed in Toronto. They worked two shifts at Tim Horton's. He would work the opposite shift from Josephine so that they could care for their children.

      Since they came here, they have had another child. He is currently completing his Petroleum Engineering degree in Calgary and has just received a job in Edmonton. They will be moving very soon.

      Efonyeh wrote Tim Horton's head office with his story and they turned it into the commercial you now see through the Olympics.

      They found Grande Prairie people very generous and considerate.

      AND THAT is just another one of the good ways Canadians treat New Canadians. Like it or lump it world – that's who we are.

  2. People are always shocked when I tell them that Cold FX is nothing but marketed ginseng. FLIP OVER THE PACKAGE AND LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS. ITS BULLSHIT.

  3. Personally, one day I'm gonna follow that Yoplait commercial and find my source… …then strangle that woman with it.

  4. The commercials for Excel are…ugh. Especially the one with the two guys, one with a beard, the other with Excel, discussing the donations a beard might make to athletes and using beard as a verb. I like the old Tim Hortons "I ruined your childhood, but here's a double-double' commericals. More entertaining.

  5. Hey Scott

    This is your caption contest photo for next week. What is in the thought bubble above Lindsay's head?

    My offering is either "Marry me" or "I really could eat a big plate of fries right about now"

    my favourite commercial is the mr lube where the guy comes up to the counter at the dealer to have service done and he's told to call the 1800 number. Still standing at the counter, he calls from his mobile, the phone rings and the service guy answers and puts him on hold because he's assisting a customer.

    Just finished watching the Heart's curling so seeing all the same commercials for curling viewers again. Tiresome.

    I bet when you are actually at the olympics you miss out on all those heartwarming stories about blind great aunts cheering on little Hans and such and are forced to watch actual sporting activities. How do you survive?

    Am loving your quadrobloggosity.

  6. What I want to know is they paid Nelson Mandela to constantly congratulate us for "winning another medal" .

    I mean, what a shill!

  7. I hate to say kudos to America, but the Apolo Ohno's Nyquil commercial is pretty cool superhero-ish.

  8. I've only seen it once, but the Tim Horton's commercial where the immigrant fellow meets his family at the airport (a family reunification to begin their new life in Canada); then presents them with winter coats and greets his wife with a Horton's coffee and a "welcome home" still has me mildly gagging.

    • I do believe the author of the script for that commercial was…let me check my notes…a "S. Harper." Anyone know who that might be?

  9. Slightly off topic but after watching the Swiss-Canuck overtime shootout they cut to…… curling? That kind of like going on a date with Lindsay Vonn and going over to your Uncle Festus's for a nightcap.

    About the commercials, I expect the rates charged by CTV must be premium so I'd prefer Steve Pro-rogue would cut back on the "Economic Action Plan" ads and save a few shovelfuls of $$$ of my tax money. Just saying.

  10. Personally, I hate any commercial that takes some ordinary guy doing his job and tries to Olympic-size the importance, e.g. the Rona ad with the guy who built the podium. Although, it does make it clearer to me what the Canadian Ski Team meant by "Own the Podium."

  11. There's a McDonald's commercial that's starting to get on my nerves, since it's on pretty much every four minutes.

    Four attractive 20-something women put their lipstick on, hop in a cab, and head to an art show, where they proceed to stare at a step-ladder that's been painted pink. Deciding the art show is lame, they go across the street to McDonald's, where an attractive McDonald's employee serves them chicken nuggets and fries.

    Oh, and for the entire commercial, you don't actually see anyone's face. Just smiles, legs, shoes, etc.

  12. Who can tell me the designer of Kim Cattrall's dress on the 'holiday in BC' Olympic commercial??

  13. Hey that girl is pretty. What's her name?