Weekend Viewing: Charles Van Doren On TWENTY-ONE


Charles Van Doren recently wrote a piece for the New Yorker about his infamous rigged appearance on the game show Twenty-One, where both he and the reigning champion Herb Stempel had been coached as to who would win, what the questions would be and how they should act to create tension. (I guess everything, no matter how scandalous, will eventually be the focus of a nostalgic New Yorker piece.) Here, then, is Van Doren against Stempel on Twenty-One, where, as instructed, he hems and haws and answers questions at the last moment.


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Weekend Viewing: Charles Van Doren On TWENTY-ONE

  1. Actually seeing the the clips of the show is great, espcially when Herb Stempel struggles with how to answer the question about the best movie from 1955. According Robert Redford’s 1994 movie Quiz Show, Marty was Mr. Stempel’s favourite movie (in fact he sort of looks like Enest Borgnine).

    Apparently America was transfixed when the show was on and it is incredibly fascinating to watch now that we know what was going on behind the scenes.

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