What could be on the Raitt tape?

This development brings to mind three points, writes Scott Feschuk, and one gratuitous swipe.


090608_raittassistantSo now Lisa Raitt’s former aide – the one who was recently forced to resign for d’oh-based reasons – is apparently trying to get some sort of injunctiony thing to stop publication of the contents of yet another Mysterious Canadian Political Audiotape (#43 in a series: hurry down to Crazy Gurmant’s Surreptitiously Obtained Audio Warehouse to purchase the complete set. Crazy Gurmant’s – our prices are so low that they can almost see our conception of personal integrity!).

This development brings to mind three points, and one gratuitous swipe.

First of all, as a general rule, it hardly ever ends well when people are taped and their words and sounds are captured for all eternity, does it? Just ask Tim Murphy, Richard Nixon or anyone who bought The Who’s Face Dances.

Second, I recommend patience to Kory Teneycke. Don’t say anything yet, Kory. You have to wait until the audiotape of Lisa Raitt actually comes out before you can declare it “phony,” “doctored” or “pretty obviously Rich Little.”

Third and most intriguing – what could Raitt have said on the tape that’s so damaging/honest? (In politics these are synonyms.) Could she have badmouthed a colleague? Could she have unleashed a profanity-laced tirade? Could she have revealed the Caramilk secret? Is it too much to hope for that she did all three simultaneously?

Finally, at no point should we lose sight of the important journalistic scoop – landed over the weekend by The Globe’s Jane Taber – that Lisa Raitt’s husband weally wuvs her.

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What could be on the Raitt tape?

  1. Scott – just for clarity, do you mean the former aide is the one seeking the injunction, or is she the one trying to release the tape? Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here – I have a habit of doing that. :)

    • It's very unclear. Did Jasmine make the tape? Why does it exist? If she made the tape, why does she not want it public? Is Lisa doing a cover of "Something to Talk About?"

      • Smells to me like Jasmine made the tape, Raitt bad-mouthed Leona, and most titillating of all would be the prospect that Raitt admits she forgot her briefs and asked Jasmine to take the fall. Exciting stuff, All My Children from the Hill.

  2. sorry, that falls into the category of "fact," which is not my forte. (from what i gather, the former aide is trying to stop a nova scotia paper from publishing details of the tape, on which her voice and that of raitt can be heard.)

  3. That's nothing. Just wait until Feschuk releases the Martin tapes some day. Highlights will include the PM ordering a corned beef on rye for lunch – or should it be whole wheat, and maybe roast beef? No make that corned beef on white…, and the infamous twelve minutes of "Feschuk, tell me honestly, do these pants make me look fat?…"

  4. I heard the tape deals with Lisa Raitt's concerns about the Sefety Inspector at the plant and how Lenny and Carl think Smithers is covering Homer's misdeeds up.

  5. Alrighty then, lads.

    So, are we ready to declare this government to be the most risibly inept gaggle of preposterous buffoons in our post-Confederation history?

    • Pay attention, man. Ignatieff is just visiting, in it for himself, and wants to bankrupt you personally by raising taxes. This explains any and all potential missteps by our virtuous leader and his posse.

  6. Feschuk , you are a beauty.

    • If only he had used the phrase "the Streissand Effect" this article would have been pure gold.

  7. It doesn't matter what's on the tape because it won't be nearly as damaging as our wild speculation about what's on the tape.

  8. Here's an excellent reminder of how nasty politics are in the Maritimes. You can TRY to leave the Maritimes behind physically but it is never truly gone…

    • Are you saying only maritimers record their bosses and then leave the tapes in the loo? Or that only maritimers would write an article on it?

  9. Scott: Have you scooped everyone? The stories about this don't name who is seeking the injunction, and part of the injunction is to prevent even the name of the seeker from being made public.

  10. ”They say the tape was left on accidentally after recording an interview with journalists, and captured private comments by Raitt.

    Sources say Jasmine MacDonnell, who resigned last week, left her tape recorder in a House of Commons washroom weeks ago.

    It eventually made its way into the hands of an Ottawa-based reporter for the Halifax Chronicle-Herald.”


    I wonder who picked up the recorder and gave it to Maher?

    • a better question is how this macdonnell person is going to get home after the hearing, since it's pretty obvious she's going to leave her car keys in the courtroom.

      Garth Turner, was seen exiting said ladies laboratory… Steve Janke, appeared a moments later.

      more to follow…

  11. that's nothing. i also know who's going to win the current installment of Here Come the Newlyweds.

  12. Boooooooooooring!

    Wake me up when there is a tape of Lisa and Leona — um — making passionate — um — pudding on the cabinet table, with Harper coaching them.

  13. New fave fact of the day: Raitt's new spokesperson's surname is Outhouse.

    No wonder her career is going down the crapper…

    • that's got to be the most unfortunately named press secretary to arrive on Parliament Hill since the days of Bob Deliberate-Falsehood.

      • Yeah, nobody trusts guys with hyphenated names!

      • Comment of the week, and it's only Monday.

  14. Say, didn't Van Loon's chief of staff give her 2wks' notice, because she wants go back home to Nova Scotia? Wicked & weird!

  15. Watch all the sleazy journalists come out of their dens to make a prouncement on whatever may be on the tape. Whatever it is Raitt because she is a Conservative will be portrayed like her boss as the devil incarnate. That's what happens to Conservatives in Liberal Canada.

    • hollinm, that's an absolutely original and fascinating observation. You should share it with readers of online forums everywhere.

      • Ha ha, that's all holinm does all day. Cut and Paste, cut and paste. It's like paint by the numbers outrage

        • At least if you want to reply to me spell the handle right buddy. Notice you didn't disagree because you know it is true.

  16. The newly "former" aide forgot to turn off the recorder after an interview, recording a discussion between her and Raitt, then left it in a Restroom of the Commons. Aptly named "new" aide Steve Outhouse (I'm not kidding!) said the newspaper acquired the tape illegally, then should not be permitted to divulge its contents.

  17. I'm hoping this tape does hold the Caramilk secrets!

    The hilarity of this government continues……

  18. From the Globe:
    Some reports suggested that Mr. Maher had listened to a recording, taped by Ms. MacDonnell, in which the minister makes uncomplimentary comments about Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq.

    Wow. Just wow. Is Ms. MacDonnell a deeply undercover LPC operative? ;-)

    Seriously, this is truly bizarre. If Ms. Raitt finds that her career has been derailed by all this, she has nobody but herself to blame.

    • Meh. That was true at the binder, however. Being an irresponsible employee is the fault of the employee. Hiring, and keeping such a person is the fault of the employer.

  19. /hat tip

  20. someone(I mean the journalist) should post it on youtube so anybody can listen to!!

    • Then they'd injunct us all!

  21. i don't argue with flat earthers either.. does that mean I know what they say is true?

  22. Seems to me that any secret conditions to Ms Jasmine's 'resignation' could be in jeopardy if a tape surfaces making Harper and co. look less than 'secretive' and 'uncaring'. If it dares make them look a tad-bit exciting, I think the witness protection agency needs to be contacted.
    Isn't it obvious that Harper and co. do their best work in the washroom (handing chinese leaders their hand towels, missing gang-of-20 photo ops, etc)…

  23. I am more interested in the idea that Harper was briefed on the contents of the tape last week…apparently.

    Was this before or after he refused Raitt's resignation.

    This aide leaves documents and tapes around…..geez.

  24. First the media assumed that the government was involved,
    now that is not the case.
    Why assume that Ms MacDonnel was directly involved in the Halifax Herald getting a listen in on the tape?

    So far, all we know for sure is that her voice is on the tape along with Raitt's, she taped the conversation
    and she wants the publication of the contents to be stopped.

    Did she or someone else go to the Halifax Herald?

    • 26 year old young ladies can hire a battery of lawyers on their Visa card ?

  25. First the media assumed that the government was involved,
    now that is not the case.
    Why assume that Ms MacDonnel was directly involved in the Halifax Herald getting a listen in on the tape?

    So far, all we know for sure is that her voice is on the tape along with Raitt's, she taped the conversation
    and she wants the publication of the contents to be stopped.

    Did she or someone else go to the Halifax Herald?