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What happened


And if you’re still interested after all that, here is the magazine story in question, now online in its entirety.

Much of what Mr. Ignatieff had to say last Saturday morning at Stornoway ended up in the finished piece. But I’ll probably post a more fulsome abundant accounting this weekend.

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What happened

  1. "Fulsome" means sickeningly overdone. I think you mean a fuller account.

  2. "a more fulsome accounting" = Freudian slip?

    • Sorry, cheap shot, I know. But it was just begging to be made.

    • Well, I'm sure Wherry is big enough to take a little teasing.

      To give him his due, it's a pretty common mistake. So much so that it is probably only a matter of time before the people who make dictionaries cave in and redefine the word to match usage. I'm an editor, so I'm probably a little more obsessive about correct usage than is good for me.

    • You were suggesting fool some in place of fulsome, no?