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What he said


If you prefer something more than a few seconds from Michael Ignatieff’s news conference of Dec. 10, 2008 (the day he assumed interim leadership of the party), here are ten minutes and 22 seconds, as near to complete an accounting as I’ve yet found, from that appearance at the National Press Theatre.

Here is the interview he did later that night with Peter Mansbridge. And at 3:28 of this compilation of comments made in late November, Ignatieff speaks to his individual involvement, or lack thereof, in coalition talks.


What he said

  1. Yesterday, the Harper government announced that they got it completely wrong again on our finances and we were going to have an even bigger record-setting deficit, now up to $60 million if you are to believe them this time.

    They announced that there would be no taxes and no cuts and yet the deficit would magically disappear in a few years, but wouldn't say when or how.

    At the same time, Harper's own budget chief said, essentially, they were complete fabricating EI reform costs and in fact the Liberals reform plans were even less expensive than the Liberals were saying.

    And today, Mclean's has 8 posts on Harper's phantom menace of the coalition and zero posts on the government's fiscal incompetence.

    This is why I laugh whenever a conservative claims there is a Liberal bias in the media.

    • My goodness. I knew the Liberal Media myth was false and that corporate media generally leans right-wing, but I had no idea how bad it was. What an unfortunate media age we live in.

    • Which, to be clear, is not meant to single out Mclean's. The rest of the media seems just as preoccupied with helping Harper change the channel from important issues. Even the CBC “At Issue Panel” almost managed to skip Flaherty's news altogether until Coyne piped up at the very tail end.

    • And today, Mclean's has 8 posts on Harper's phantom menace of the coalition and zero posts on the government's fiscal incompetence.

      The Seinfeld media.

  2. We need term limits for media members.

  3. Ya, as if Coyne or Wells haven't posted about the budget deficit 8,000 times in the last few months…

  4. Dude, I already won O'Malley's prize. Quit keening.

  5. Ya Maclean's. Put up a post about a "big Canada', please.

  6. Re the big concern about media bias,, maybe they're calling it as they see it,- not through ros-tinted glasses


    OTTAWA — Globe and Mail Update
    Mar. 31, 2009

    ''.Michael Ignatieff says he is ready to lead a new coalition government unless Stephen Harper's Conservatives scrap their attack ads, drop their partisan edge and present a budget that addresses the needs of Canada's struggling economy….''