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What kind of exchange? Warm!


Emailed to Ottawa reporters a minute ago:

Read-out of Call between Prime Minister Harper and President-elect Obama

On Thursday November 6, Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke to President-elect Obama to congratulate him on winning the US Presidential election.

In a warm exchange, the two leaders emphasized that there could be no closer friends and allies and vowed to maintain and further build upon this strong relationship.

They touched on the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Washington on November 15, 2008 and its importance for addressing the global financial crisis.

The Prime Minister and the President-elect agreed to talk again in the near future.

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What kind of exchange? Warm!

  1. “The Prime Minister and the President-elect agreed to talk again in the near future.”

    Well, that’s a relief.

  2. Harper: Do you hate me because I’m a Republican?
    Obama: Warm!
    Harper: Because I make John McCain look like RFK?
    Obama: Warmer!
    Harper: Because my staff tried to sabotage your primary campaign in Michigan?
    Obama: You got it!

  3. “the two leaders emphasized that there could be no closer friends and allies and vowed to maintain and further build upon this strong relationship.”

    The Brits think they have an even closer relationship than we do. Are Canadians and Brits competing to see who is closer to U.S.? Not sure what the Aussies think about this competition.

    Is this what you were referring to Paul when you wrote earlier that PMO was sending out emails about calls Harper has with other leaders. Seems rather vague to me, doesn’t tell us much about what was said.

  4. Just looks like a standard, touch-base, test-the-system type of phone call. Obama’ll probably do the same thing with PM Gordon Brown over the weekend.

    Right now, it looks like it’s more important that Obama and W. get along, so that the transition goes smoothly.

    Prediction: the first nation Obama will visit as President will be Mexico, in order to clarify his stance on NAFTA. Next would be Afghanistan, then Europe (most likely Germany), and finally Canada.

  5. I think he’ll go to the country of Africa first. It’s a big one.

  6. No mention of Michael Wilson’s soon-to-be-announced firing during the call?

    Michael Wilson is pretty much done in Washington as of yesterday.

  7. What’s all this new-fangled web-design? It’s confusing!

  8. Gordon Brown has telephoned US President-elect Barack Obama to congratulate him on his historic victory, Downing Street has confirmed.

    The prime minister spoke to Mr Obama for 10 minutes about topics including the world economy, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East peace process.

    Downing Street sources said the tone was friendly and very positive.

  9. Hey, TransCanada, it is normal to change ambassadors to coincide with a change in the Administration. This has nothing to do with a “firing” of Michael Wilson. If I’m not mistaken, David Emerson is slated to become the new ambassadoir. He’d be a good choice.

  10. I’m sure Harper was wearing his fuzzy blue sweater during the conversation, trying to channel some of Obama’s voter appeal in the process. Watch the CON cold-hearted leader now try to piggy back himself onto this feel-good story…

  11. For the sake of diplomacy, I’m sure that Obama’s tone was warm and inviting but no one will make me believe that he set aside in his mind the role that Harper played in his Primary defeat in Ohio.

  12. Blog Central appears to have exploded all over my screen.

  13. The CTV had a “news” story on this which implied that Harper was the chosen one.

    They quoted a former ambassador to Canada saying “Every leader in the world wants to talk to Barack Obama. I doubt very many have, so that’s a really good sign.” And such choice statements as “Experts say that Harper stands a better chance of having Obama’s ear than other world leaders.” and “We are one of the few voices in NATO the Americans are prepared to listen to…”

    About 20 minutes after CTV ran this “news” story, I tried to post a comment to link to the US news sites reporting that Obama had already called nine world leaders, including Israel, South Korea, France, Mexico, Germany, Britain, Australia, and Japan and they should tell Harper not to get a swelled head until he can verify whether he talked to Obama before or after Myang-bak. But CTV had already shut down comments. They don’t want facts to interfere with their “news”.

    Someone needs to tell CTV that the election is over.

  14. As to the screen explosion of Macleans Blog Central, I don’t like it. More difficult to find stuff. I hope this isn’t permanent.

  15. Given our Prime Minister’s oft icy demeanor, any conversation described as warm is almost phenomenal. C’mon 14 posts and not one joke on this? Must be the new format.

  16. C’mon, you have to get used to PMO speak. The sweater vest and roaring fireplace ensured that Harper was warm during the conversation. It’s not a lie lie, it’s PMO speak.

  17. Quick, some hacker find a way to make Blog Central less ugly (I didn’t think it could get worse than before)

  18. Paul,
    A quick Google search shows that Harper called Obama around June 18, when Obama won the nomination (more or less). Did the media get a notification after that discussion took place? If so, was it a generally positive discussion?

    This was not the first time Harper and Obama have spoken, and I would assume the June 18 conversation was more critical (more than just a congratulations), considering it was a little while after the Nafta comment controversy.

  19. Are we sure Harper even got through to Obama and it wasn’t one of the Masked Avengers who spoke to Palin instead?