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Where will they cut?


Annex 1 of the budget lays out where the $5.2 billion in cuts are scheduled be made, including the First Nations Statistical Institute, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Parks Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the CBC, National Defence, CIDA, Correctional Service of Canada, the RCMP and VIA Rail.

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Where will they cut?

  1. A crime bill with mandatory minimums is followed up by a budget with cuts to the RCMP and the Correctional Service of Canada?

    Oh this’ll go well.

    • I`ve had a couple of private sector bosses who liked to cut their employee`s pay, and increase their workload.  This was to encourage us to “work smarter instead of working harder” and had nothing to do with paying for their latest Lexus.  Perhaps they really are making the government work more like business.

      • From the appendix:
        “The Government has not built a single new prison since 2006 and has no intention of building any new prisons.”Interesting.

        • Didn’t the Ontario budget just include plans to close prisons? Fewr prisons; more convicts with longer sentences. Welcome to California North.

        • That confirms the privitization rumours.

      • Harper hired 30,000 new public sector employees and is now getting rid of 12,000. I’m not seeing smarter and working harder.

    • At first blush, looks to me like everything you ever wanted to know about Budget 2012 and then some is in the 500+, er… 1000+ page package Flaherty was hefting around yesterday, including fulsome details about “how the cuts will be implemented”.

      Care to walk back your Wednesday outrage at “lack of transparency” and “hiding information” and “silencing of government departments”?

      • The fulsome details about “how the cuts will be implemented”.’:

        “rationalize,” “consolidate,” “integrate,” “streamline,” “refocus,” “reconfigure,” “modernize,” “realign”

        Looks like a whole lotta powerpoint-ese, big words, no plan for execution.

        • What sort of plan were you expecting – “on May 4th at 3:20 EST, a Fedex courier will deliver a brown envelope to the ADM of National Defense containing a two page letter informing him his 2012/13 budget is to be reduced 5.2%.”?

          • Well, from your description I was expecting fulsome details.  Instead we get powerpoint bullets.  What exactly does “realign” mean, and how will it save money and provide equivalent or better service.

            All this is, is feelgood words, with no plan, kind of like this government has been governing for the past six years.

      • There’s a 7 1/2 million cut to Elections Canada this year that certainly looks like an attempt to limit their work.

  2. So the government of Canada is making a move to hide conditions on reserves?  This really is a stay-the-road budget.

    • Let’s all play ostrich!

  3. Cuts at CFIA? I would have thought that things like this week’s massive burger recall would have indicated a need for more inspections. There are enough ex-Harrisites in cabinet that the ghost of Walkerton should have made them rethink this.

    • ex-Harrisites nothing. There’s enough Gerry Ritz in the cabinet that the ghosts of the 22 people who died from the last time they did this should have given them pause.

    • I suspect that was Treasury Board President Tony Clement’s personal favourite.

      • No, I suspect Tony is busy salivating over his new slush fund … er… the allotment for border security changes.