What Would Be Better, An ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie or a TAXI movie?



I’m happy that Michael Cera appears to have dropped his opposition to doing an Arrested Development movie (I can’t be the only one who got the impression that this was all a bit of Kabuki to call attention to himself or the project; it never really seemed likely that he wouldn’t come back), but even though this is less likely, it actually intrigues me more:

DANNY DEVITO is hailing a cab all the way to the movies – he wants his hit TV show TAXI to be revamped as a reunion film.

The actor, who played a bad-tempered boss in the beloved sitcom, wants to reteam with Christopher Lloyd, Marilu Henner, Tony Danza and the rest of the surviving cast for a movie.

He says, “It’s not out of the question that down the line we could go revisit the garage and do a really good Taxi reunion movie.

“We love Taxi. I did five years on it. All the people on Taxi are my friends. Everybody started doing other things, so we were all separated and there was no way to get us back together at the same time.”

Sure, he’s only talking about it as a possibility, rather than an actual in-development project, but DeVito has gotten the cast together once before — for the Andy Kaufman biopic Man on the Moon, which he produced. He could probably get them back again for a TV reunion movie. And Taxi is one show that would actually lend itself to that format, because they already did episodes about what the characters do when they’re not together (one episode was about what they did before they were cabbies; another was what they did while they were laid off). Yes, Andy Kaufman’s dead and that’s too bad, but Kaufman was only in 13 episodes per season anyway, and some of the best episodes didn’t have him in it.

But the real reason I want this to happen (though it probably won’t) is because it’s probably the only way to prod Paramount into releasing the 4th and 5th seasons. Come on, guys, reunite. Do it for the DVD.

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What Would Be Better, An ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie or a TAXI movie?

  1. Somehow I just can’t see Arrested Development becoming a good film. I was an occasional fas of AD when it was on tv. To me, what made it so good is how illogical everything seemed, and yet somehow stayed together. I really can’t picture that notion working in a film format. When I try to think of films (excluding science fiction) that have this same style and have succeeded in the past, I tend to come up blank.

    One of the problems AD had while it was on tv was the inability to provide a quick summary of the show. As a result, I don’t know how an AD movie could advertise so as to attract new viewers. Certainly, old fans of the show will go, but how many new viewers would a movie really get?

  2. Um, AD would be the better movie – HANDS DOWN.

    Arrested Development was (and still is) brilliant and consists of the best writing on TV. I cannot wait for the AD movie to happen (higher being, do you hear my prayers?)