Short-range Russian ballistic missiles in South Ossetia, anyone?



  1. That and nukes on the Baltic fleet in Kaliningrad.

    Russia’s going all in, apparently.

  2. This is folly.

  3. Ha! Now why do I suddenly remember the phrase “chiqueur de guenille”? I seem to recall it featured in an exchange between Doug Young and Yvan Loubier, lo these many moons ago. Google’s no help.

  4. Now thats silly! If the russians are as close as South ossetia then thier short range ballistic missiles are too close to to threaten Georgia. Oh, but Turkey, Iran, Israel and India might not find comfort in that. I see!

  5. Scale’s wrong, Mike Horn. SS-21 has a range of about 70km; If I had them in Windsor I couldn’t hit Sarnia. Or vice versa. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  6. Isn’t it “chiquer la guenille”? I have no idea what it means, but it is Googleable.

  7. That would be to “chew the rag”, or to sulk (as in be a sulky person).

    Of course you can have fun with that when you’re talking about flags as rags…

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