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When George Galloway met Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


It’s possible that somewhere on this Earth there is the leader of a despotic, vote-rigging, prisoner-raping regime whose boots George Galloway, the failed politician and cat impersonator will not lick, provided he is hostile to the West, but Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad apparently isn’t it.




and if your stomach can handle it



When George Galloway met Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

  1. I couldn't watch the whole thing because you can only listen to Ahmadinejad go on with his crap for so long. At any point does Galloway actually lick any boots?

  2. Maybe Galloway was hoping to be deported. Apparently he feels it is a badge of honour to be deported from a dictatorship. Although if that was his goal, you'd think he'd have been a little less of a bootlicker as Ahmanutjob described the free and fair elections his country conducts.

    I could not be happier that the people of England wisely decided to hand this hypocrit his walking papers from Parliament in the most recent election.

  3. Why does anyone care what George Galloway does?

    • Weren't you singing the praises of George Galloway when he was blasting the US Senate a couple of years ago? It seems to me that you cared very deeply about him back then.

      • No, I wasn't.

        He's an exceptionally good speaker who shreds news anchors, and he has the right to free speech, but overall he's a nobody in the scheme of things.

        Why on earth would I 'care very deeply' about some name in the news??

        • You cared very deeply because he was saying nasty things about George Bush and American Imperialism and you thought he was the bee's knees. Now that he's reduced to public fellatio on tinpot dictators you've developed a healthy level of objectivity.

          You may pass for Emily here but you'll always be Nola to me.

          • Ahhh your famous confusion again. I might have known.

            Bee's knees? How old ARE you anyway?

            Sorry, Galloway is no different than he's ever been, nor has my opinion changed on him.

  4. Hey, he's a currently unemployed prominent Brit. Surely there's a place somewhere in
    the North America media world for him.
    Well, maybe not in Canada … there's that "border services" hurdle to jump.

    But he'd be a natural for US cable.

    • He's already got quite the C-SPAN reel.

  5. Have you ever had an interview with Ahmadinejad? No? Then aren't you just sniping on the Maclean's blog yourself?

  6. Groupies always get access to their heroes, it's why they take up the oral arts in the first place.

    It will be interesting to compare & contrast with the upcoming KoryTV.

  7. Two adorable flirts.

  8. My stomach couldn't handle it.

  9. I cringed through the intro segment — is George Galloway now starring in a private detective show? — then a lot of intro and folderol about himself, and couldn't make it to the point where Ahmadinejad actually said something. Can't see where he is either a threat or influential.

  10. This was a diverting way to fill up blog space with trivia, but why not post the notorious picture of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein, if just to reinforce the obvious point that failed politicians of the far-right can lick the boots of despots just as lovingly as the failed politicians of the far-left?

  11. Why so mean to George Galloway? He's a friend to terrorists….he hates Jews and Israel…….and he provides support to any group that would help further the cause of the destruction of Israel.

    I say let him become a Canadian citizen. He's be a shoe-in as the next leader of the NDP.

  12. George Galloway is a HERO!!! He is taking aim at the Zionist and the Zionist fear Galloway and fear the truth. Islam is the truth and the way. Zionism wilbe crushed and Canada will eventually be ours. This is what the Zionist fear. Too bad! it is ours.

    • Our favorite little Richmond Hill Jihadist/Hezzie supporter shows up on Mcleans. What an honor,
      Go back to Iran if you hate it here so much you dirty Hezzie follower.

  13. Is performing oral sex on a Ryerson prof to improve a grade acceptable in Islam?