When I Was a Boy, We Didn’t Have Internet. We Had To Post Our Stuff On Every Computer Screen With Our Bare Hands


This has been Python Week, but I’ve sort of reached my quota of Python clips. So I will cheat and post a sketch that most people think is Monty Python, but isn’t. The “Four Yorkshiremen” Sketch eventually became part of the group’s stage repertoire, but it was written for, and first performed on, At Last the 1948 Show, which made stars of John Cleese, Graham Chapman, and Marty Feldman. The fourth guy, Tim Brooke-Taylor, never became as internationally famous as the others, but his co-creation of The Goodies made him a notable figure in TV comedy history.


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When I Was a Boy, We Didn’t Have Internet. We Had To Post Our Stuff On Every Computer Screen With Our Bare Hands

  1. You had hands? Luxury!

  2. Wait, Marty Feldman is more internationlly famous than Tim Brooke-Taylor? That can't be true – as a kid I knew who Tim Brooke-Taylor was by name as well as face, but Marty Feldman was just that not very funny guy from Young Frankenstein with the bug-eyes. I'm Australian, but does that change anything?

  3. It's strange to think that had things shaken out just a little differently, Marty Feldman might have ended up as a member of Monty Python.

  4. Whatever your opinion of Marty Feldman as a performer (and he is in no way universally adored), he was one of the smartest comedy writers around at his best. He was half of the great writing team responsible for the great BBC radio show ROUND THE HORNE, a show that now, 40 years after the last episode aired, is an absolute howl.

  5. moopot, I think that changes everything. In Australia the Goodies remain very mainstream because they were repeated so much: they're pretty obscure everywhere else – even Britain, where I gather they haven't been shown much at all since their inital airings 30+ years ago. Australia is the centre of Goodies cultdom, and let's face it, without the Goodies, who is Brooke Taylor?

  6. For the past 37 years, Tim Brooke-Taylor has been a regular cast member on I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, a comedy game show that has been one of the most popular programs on BBC radio for almost four decades.

  7. Originally branded under the main family name, it was changed to Now Hity later in the run. ,

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