When keeping it real goes wrong


Conservative MP James Bezan asks visitors to his website whether the government should be “commended” for a “great job” on the economy. Readers quibble with his choice of adjective.


When keeping it real goes wrong

  1. Time for another Blair Witch video at Harrington Lake James.

  2. It looks like a 10 percenter

  3. Why are they Wherry's Liberals?

    (ps: turn it over, the tune is old).

  4. Not that I think the Libs have rebounded big time, but that poll is two weeks old. And the story you link to is about Nanos and CPAC breaking up.

  5. This is a vivid illustration of being in a partisan bubble. Bezan is surrounded by his talking points all day everyday. He spends most of his time with supporters and fellow Cons. He gets pumped up by poll results showing the Cons flirting with 40% in the polls (40%!).

    And then he makes the fatal mistake of thinking people actually like this government.

    No James they don't. They may be even less enthused about the other parties. But that doesn't mean they like your crew.

    One can only hope that Harper falls into this same trap.

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