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When opposition MPs tweet


Bob Rae and Ralph Goodale weren’t impressed with the NDP’s approach to QP yesterday. The NDP’s Pat Martin and Jean Crowder weren’t impressed with Messrs Rae and Goodale.

Bob Rae Took the NDP half an hour to ask about 2500 workers losing their jobs – I guess that what a “move to the centre” is all about.

Ralph Goodale Cons glib answers abt AirCda+Aveos killing jobs are shameful. Only thing worse – NDP ignored the issue til 15th question in QP.

Pat Martin MP @RalphGoodale Aveos Questions were the top three in NDP line-up yesterday and four questions, #10-14 today. The enemy is over there

Chris Charlton Wld those be the jobs @thomasmulcair asked about Monday? “@bobraeMP: Took the NDP half an hour to ask about 2500 workers losing their jobs.”


When opposition MPs tweet

  1. Liberals want to be more socialist than the socialists? That’s definitely path to power, Libs should hurry and hold Rae coronation. Political discourse is changing in Canada if Libs are trying to outflank NDP on the left and sounding like Ayn Rand villains. 

  2. While we are speaking about twitter, I want to pay respect to the Canadian media who pretty much ignored the smack that Senator Brazeau was spewing last weekend.  He was out of line, offensive, with Susan Delacourt, among others, and to anyone who isn’t a card carrying conservative, really.  She showed her extreme class by NOT writing about it. 

    He may have huge forearms, but I hope Justin beats him.  Just because he’s an ignorant SOB.

    • He’s playing a character to drum up interest in a charity fight.

      Stop taking things so seriously and realize that this is for a good cause. Susan Delacourt knows she’s a bogeyman for Conservatives after her literal embrace by Ignatieff, her knee jerk anti-CPC stances, and the fact that she writes for The Red Star.

      • Why the need to kneejerk  defend bad behavior?

        • Thanks for cayenne tip. No squirrel attacks on my onion bulbs since I put out the spicy treat for those bastards. 

          • Excellent.  I wish I’d known about this before, I’ve lost hundreds of flower bulbs to the cute little critters over the years. 

      • One does not have to be insulting and badmouth the very members of the public whom you live off of to promote a charity fight. Case in point: Justin Trudeau has promoted the fight tirelessly yet not insulted anyone in the process.  I guess since Brazeau has a 35-year appointment to the upper chamber makes him cocky.  And there’s nothing better than seeing a cocky person take a fall, now is there?

        Nah, I stand by my original take: the guy’s an unelected arrogant SOB who has twice been charged with sexual harassment in the workplace.   

    • Drinking and tweeting should always be avoided.

  3. Why is Jean Crowder in this story?

  4. Good to see the opposition parties working together against a common enemy.

  5. Oh, for the love of Pete.  Guys–all of you–shut the hell up!  Don’t do this.  It isn’t going to make an iota of difference which asks first, or how long the question takes to be asked when it comes time for an election.

    I get the NDP move to the centre.  I get the two parties are going to ask all the same questions now.  But maybe you could both work harder on GETTING AN ANSWER than fighting amongst each other over who asked it first, who asked it better, etc.

    • Agreed – all eyes on the target.

    • How about asking a relevant question?
      Ask the government why a maintenance industry located in Canada, with the Health Care, the Training opportunities, the gov`t social services provided, cannot compete with offshore companies.

      • Perhaps because we don’t allow sweatshops here.

    • Well said. This jockeying for position between the opposition parties is embarrassing to watch.

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