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When the going gets tough (II)


The Prime Minister’s Office reports that rumours of Parliament’s demise are “not grounded in any fact.”

Andrew MacDougall, a spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, brushed it off as the rumor mill at work, saying “we don’t speculate on that stuff, on what the government might or might not do.” “It’s just a rumor, it’s not grounded in any fact,” MacDougall told Dow Jones. “The government has work to do, it has work to do in Parliament.”


When the going gets tough (II)

  1. "The government has work to do, it has work to do in Parliament. So hopefully the opposition won't suspend the Cabinet and send them for a time-out in the snow. How could we do our work then? Our notepads would get all damp in the slush…"

  2. Aaron, no comment today on the Liberal website photos depicting Harper's assassination? Or of him performing beastiality on a cow?

    Given how many pixels you would have devoted to a similar depiction of Ignatieff, I can only assume you find this acceptable.

    Sad. And typical.

    • Those images are truly sad.

      Ignatieff has some staff issues to deal with.

      • Good point PhilCP: could you please let us know who among Ignatieff's staff was responsible for those images?

        Oh wait… from the site itself: "The photos here are created by visitors to our website, and do not always reflect the views of the Liberal Party of Canada. Though we continue to screen submissions before posting, we have removed certain images that may have been offensive to some viewers."

        • Ahhh, well call me guilty of not knowing all the facts – not the first time and certainly won't be the last time that happens.

          I wonder if jg is aware.

          Still, maybe liberal.ca needs to modfiy its settings so that everything is pre-moderated, so that they can prevent this type of situation in the future.

          • PhilCP:

            It WAS pre-moderated. The Liberals approved every image that got posted.

          • Thanks john, I sure am pooching up my reading (or lack thereof) on this story.

            Over to TJ, I suppose, for the rebuttal.

          • Out of 75 submissions, the assassination and fisting (with no pants on) were 2 of the selected 7 finalists.
            Yah, they got a problem…

          • If that's the case – 2 out of 7 *selected* finalists – then yes I agree, they need to fix that. It was completely unacceptable.

            Wilson – positive clickys for you (from me) for pointing that out.

    • Go find out how many posts Wherry had on Pooping Puffin during the last election, or the bullet holes surrounding Dion's photo last year, both on their website and, unlike these photos, actually designed by the PMO and not Conservative supporters and left up for days and with no apology.

      Are you seriously comparing Liberals and Conservatives on this?

      • "Are you seriously comparing Liberals and Conservatives on this?"

        Scott Reid, writing about PM Harper in Globe/Mail

        "their imperative could not be more clear: kill him. Kill him dead. Do not, whatever you do, provide him with an opportunity to extend his hold on power." Dec '08

      • Are you seriously comparing Liberals and Conservatives on this?

        Um, no. Your examples are. I'm comparing how Wherry would treat the Conservatives hypothetically depicting Dion or Ignatieff being assassinated, or shoving their fist up a cow's ass. I'm on pretty safe ground in predicting that it would be more than the zero posts he's made on this particular transgression.

        Aaron definitely had threads on the pooping puffin, as did Kady. I found them. And in them, unlike you, you'll find I criticized the party I generally support for behaving like juvenile asses, rather than defending the depiction of Harper being assassinated and of anally penetrating a cow with his fist, as you are doing.

        • I don't recall a single post by any MSM on the assassination gun shots at Dion on the Conservative website. I'll generously take your word for you criticising the Conservatives for creating those offensive website pages, if you take my word for it that I think the two photos briefly re-posted and apologized for by the Liberals are equally offensive. m'kay?

          • Posted by you earlier in this thread:

            If they are so very offensive, why do Conservatives keep re-posting them and linking to them?

            Yeah…not feeling the disgust Ted. Don't think I'll be able to take your word on that.

        • Once again: these images were not created by the Liberal Party, or Michael Ignatieff.

          The puffin images and the bullet hole images of Dion were Conservative Party-approved and created, and hosted proudly on a CPoC site until the media firestorm forced them to take them down.

          These are two different things, though it sure would be handy of Cons could use this trumped-up controversy to "change the narrative", as Jim Prentice's man said this morning.

          • True, but both demonstrate serious lapses in judgement – one in the creation of the material, and then publishing it, and the second in publishing the material, then issuing a halfhearted retraction apology that then requires a second apology to support it. They're both classless, and neither one is better than the other.

          • They're absolutely both gross, but they're not equivalent.

            Somebody did a bad job of moderating user submissions to the Liberal site.

            During the last election, somebody within the Conservative Party dreamed up the offensive images (including one featuring bullet holes!), somebody in the party created them, somebody in the party approved them, and somebody uploaded them onto the front page of the Cons' election website.

            And of course, this is all about changing the subject from a devastating few weeks for the Conservative Party.

          • Somebody did a bad job of moderating user submissions to the Liberal site.

            I believe that somebody is the person (staffer) I was thinking about in my earlier comment.

          • Yup – agreed.

      • Bullet holes? They were pencil pokes, as in poking holes in Dion's leadership

  3. :-) sounds good. Links?

  4. The Liberals have removed the 2 most offensive photos from their website, but not before being captured by a blogger here

    • If they are so very offensive, why do Conservatives keep re-posting them and linking to them?

      • The like the taste of salacious.

  5. "A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can even get it's boots on" ~ Mark Twain

    • Sounds plausible

  6. On Liberal.ca?
    Smart and classy

  7. Just a little Rick Mercer Photo contest spillover.

  8. Well, this is reassuring. Proroguing at this point would be absurd.

  9. The last prorogue started off as nothing more than a rumour too.

  10. yawn…and so ?

  11. “The government has work to do, it has work to do in Parliament.” You're right, Andrew, it does. But it's now risen until at least late January. It also has work to do in Committee, but clearly your MPs don't give a flying fadoodle about that.

    “We don't speculate on that stuff," also true. But I wonder how those rumors get started? I bet the trolls have some answers on that account.

  12. I don't know if this rumour will materialize into something uglier later on, but am I the only one that's touched the Wall Street Journal pays attention to such things? Must have been a slow day.

  13. I would love to see Harper go to Jean and ask for prorogation and her saying NO. Stand up to Parliament Harper, what are you so afraid of?

    • She won't say no. The recession is over, time for a new Speech from the Throne.

  14. What does it matter if the Afghan detainee committee is shut down?
    Colvin memos are leaked everyday to the media.

    Go home LibDipper MPS,
    Wherry and your media will carry the torch for you until March.

    When the media can refer non stop to a detainee taking a smack across the nose with a shoe, as torture,
    your Con bashing is in good hands.

    • Now if only that's what they were doing you'd have a point.
      As usual, however.. pointless.

    • Dimitri? Dimitri! Dimitri, come back, all is forgiven!

      • 'When the media can refer non stop to a detainee taking a smack across the nose with a shoe, as torture"

        Yeah that's exactly what they're doing…clown!

  15. You adorable little cons; you are trying to change the channel on the blog topic.

    So the government has work to do in the HoC, but work that doesn't include showing up to participate in meetings about torture. Again, those cons want to change the channel.

    Let me ask you, dear fellow Canucks, even if you are cons: if they try to prorogue Parliament, will you continue to vote for them?