Where’s the Pretty But Asexual Schoolmarm?


AMC has just announced that its latest series and first original Western, Hell on Wheels, will start production on a full series this month in Calgary. (Calgary is Winning everywhere this month, it seems.) The trailers they’ve released make it look like… well, like a Western. One without a lot of female characters, but lots of railroad talk, and hopefully a good Western. Other than that, I’ll wait to comment until more details come out about the series.

[vodpod id=Video.7774359&w=600&h=450&fv=videoId%3D929690218001%26amp%3BlinkBaseURL%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.amctv.com%252Famc-news%252Fvideos%252Famcs-first-look-at-hell-on-wheels%26amp%3BplayerID%3D83327935001%26amp%3BplayerKey%3DAQ%7E%7E%2CAAAAAAuyCbQ%7E%2C-gfAmfm8njJ8S-9E4q2UfzG931rvkxuP%26amp%3Bdomain%3Dembed%26amp%3BdynamicStreaming%3Dtrue]

The subject heading is an allusion to Rustlers’ Rhapsody, my go-to source for easy jokes about Western Tropes™, including railroads. Unfortunately I can’t find a clip of Fernando Rey saying “All my men are dead! Who’s going to build the railroad now?”

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Where’s the Pretty But Asexual Schoolmarm?

  1. If it's got Colm Meany, then I'm in.

  2. More Confederate victimology, how lovely. It's nice to see Hollywood continues to enable those who wish to rewrite the history of the Confederacy from a collection of slave-holding states determined to ensure the expansion of slavery to the American West to the victims of a "War of Northern Aggression." I've yet to encounter a single, documented historical instance of the wife of a Confederate raped and murdered by Union soldiers. I think I will be skipping this one.

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