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Who said it: Rob Ford or Hulk Hogan?

A pop quiz in honour of the mayor arm wrestling the former WWE star


Frank Gunn/CP

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford arm wrestled Hulk Hogan Friday morning at Fan Expo Canada. The event, which Ford “won” was billed as a friendly competition — kind of like the one below:

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Who said it: Rob Ford or Hulk Hogan?

  1. I don’t watch wrestling and I don’t live in or near Toronto so I’m chagrined to report I not only took the test but passed. It’s either too easy or I’m spending way too much time reading about Rob Ford.

  2. 73% Does that make me qualified to be mayor of Toronto?

  3. 80%
    No TV habit for past 25 years and not from Toronto.
    The questions were mostly logic.

  4. 87 % and I own this town.

  5. I don’t believe that Ford won at all. This is a total farce. He is a overweight slob who wants the be Toronto mayor for the rest of his life. I hope he doesn’t get voted in again for the sake of the citizens there.