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Who’s less popular than Bush?


Nancy Pelosi is talking about the legislative achievements of the Democrat-led Congress. The approval ratings for the Congress, however, are lower than the president’s.

I’m never sure what to make of those polls — do they include liberals who don’t like the conservative things that the Congress has done in recent years, as well as conservatives who don’t approve of the Democratic majority since 2006 — or is it a general critique of partisan squabbling and pork barrel politics? Or does it strictly a critique the current leadership?

Pelosi just led a chant of “Barack Obama is right; John McCain is wrong.” Uh, points for simplicity I guess.

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Who’s less popular than Bush?

  1. I suppose it’s better than the equally creative:

    “Who do we want?”
    “Barack Obama”
    “When do we want him?”

  2. What’s remarkable is not just the fact that congress’ approval rating is lower, its far below Bush’s low numbers.

    A few thoughts:

    1) General “approval” ratings need to be placed in context. Much has been made of Bush’s low approval ratings, but in the context of a comparison to the other branch of government Bush is nearly twice as popular. When asking if someone is “approved of” the response must always be “compared to what.”

    2) Obama, who’s attempted to tie McCain to Bush, may wish to reconsider the notion that a candidate is nothing but an extension of the broader current ruling entity. Obama stands to loose much, much more than McCain if people start to think “hey, what if he’s going to be just like those guys in power now”. This should be particularly worrisome for Obama given that congress isn’t going anywhere, while Bush’s reign will be history.

    3) The media’s willingness to continuously highlight’s Bush’s lack of popularity while remaining virtually silent on congress’s lack of approval is another damning indictment of their liberal bias. I’ve been watching the approval numbers on “Real Clear Politics” website for months and months, watching the congress’ numbers tank further and further, while clicking on the nightly news hearing about how unpopular Bush is.

  3. Pelosi and the democratic majority have been a pretty big disappointment to the left, as they’ve basically let Bush steamroll through whatever he comes up with.

    I .. also really find chants disturbing. But I guess it works for some people. I noticed Biden was kind of weirded out by the “yes we can” people when he did his first appearance. …

  4. Who is less popular than Bush? Easy. Stephane Dion.

    Bush (USA): 22% (lowest I could find, July 25-27, 2008)
    Dion (Canada): 10% Toronto Star/Angus Reid, May 22

  5. Tom Cruise isn’t doing so well these days either.

  6. What are typical congressional approval numbers?

  7. They’re always low. If you were to do individual approval ratings, I’d wager that the vast majority of people would score higher than Bush.