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‘Who’s that in the back row?’


This Hour Has 22 Minutes just yesterday uploaded to YouTube its skits from this season. Which is as good an excuse as any to post this.


‘Who’s that in the back row?’

  1. Did Rob Anders really confuse the Federal legislation with the Charter.

    It literally wouldn't surprise me, the speechies do tend to be that dumb.

    • Not that I would ever want to defend the retrograde Rob "Nelson Mandela is a terrorist and the Canadian Parliament should not honour him" Anders, who is so devoted to the conservative grassroots and democracy that he seems to continually require Harper's intervention to change the nomination rules to protect him.

      But I think in this case it is This Hour that has messed up. I'm sure Anders doesn't like the Charter of Rights either, but his pamplet, as completely full of falsehoods and scaremongering as it is, does refer to the Canadian Human Rights Code and not the Charter of Rights.

      • I think you are right, they probably would have ragged on him for it if he did.

      • I agree. this is very likely a mistake by 22 Minutes. After all, section 13 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms deals with rights against self-incrimination, and I don't think anyone could confuse it with section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Code.

        • On the other hand, Anders has been a most vociferous self-incriminator so perhaps he doesn't think we need section 13 of the Charter.

        • I wouldn't put it past him to have a general idea about the nature of the law, but mistakenly attribute it to the Charter rather than the ACt. But again, the error was probably the CBCs.

  2. Too bad this clip wasn't actually funny.

  3. Anders is just generally an anti-chapter 13 everything I think. Unless it helps keeping women in the kitchen and open nominations behind close doors.

  4. Maybe it's actually just superstition. No 13th floor, no walking under ladders on the way to QP, and constant whining to PMSH about the black cats they fostered…