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Who’s who


CBC lists eight government, military and diplomatic officials raised in Richard Colvin’s testimony. Six have so far not commented or declined comment. Lieutenant-General Michel Gauthier rejects any suggestion of wrongdoing on his part and promises more information when he testifies at committee next week.


Who’s who

  1. Get a life, please!!!!!

    • Irony, is that you?

      • lol!

  2. Here's my problem in all of this…

    If what Colvin says is true, there has to be others in the know that could corroborate his statements. Granted, I am clear on the career implications for any public servant that dares to do what Colvin is doing but the fact of the matter is that they have a responsibility, a duty to report the truth.

    If Colvin is telling the truth and there are others who can confirm this, they MUST come forward.

    • thing is what if there isn't because Colvin has a vested interest – whatever it may be – whose to say – I for one would like more actual evidence or at the very least dates, time, peoples names and facts and not all this 2, 3rd party = well you know people talk I gather information only yada yada and everyone was tortured and all sorts of bla bla bla going on with Colvin!

      • “… Colvin has a vested interest – whatever it may be – whose to say…”

        I’m surprised it took someone so long to come up with that idiotic pov.

  3. Wherry is going to whip this horse even after it's buried. Sorry Wherry, I don't think Canadians are willing to turn on our armed forces in the face of one man's accusations as quickly as you and your fellow Liberal pals are.

    • This isn't about turning on our troops. This is about determining what senior government officials who are in charge of our troops knew about the potential for torture, and when they knew it.

      There's still an appetite out there among Canadians for our troops acting as peacekeepers. There is still an appetite for our identity to be a country – and a Force – that respects Geneva Conventions and human rights. Insofar as that's been jeopardized by these allegations, it's not a dead horse, and Colvin's affidavit is something that needs to be investigated.

  4. When Canadian Forces solders tortured a Somali kid to death the whole world was outraged and the consequences reverberated through the military ranks for years, was there no lessons learned? The actions of Baird and chief solder MacKay (action man) are despicable and can only lead to embarrassing Canada again.